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private English classes

Private English Classes

English classes through Skype wherever you are in the world!

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Video English Lessons

Hundreds of free Video English Lessons for you to enjoy at YouTube.

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Interactive IPA Chart

Easily explore the sounds and symbols of the Britlish English IPA Chart.

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3,500 Most Common English Words

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All the English Words You Need

If you learn these 3,500 Britlish English words, you will be able to understand 90% of normal, everyday conversations in British English, as well as most written media such as newspapers, magazines, and Internet articles. After years of extensive research using the latest technology to access lists of millions of examples of spoken and written English, I have assembled a definitive list of the 3,500 most commonly used British English words. If you learn these 3,500 words, you will have an active vocabulary which will let you participate in an English-speaking environment with confidence.

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Pronunciation Course

Pronunciation Course

A complete course in British English pronunciation giving you a British English Accent.

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Grammar Course

The most complete and comprehensive English Grammar course available anywhere.

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Innovative ways to learn English like this murder mystery where you use your English skills to solve a murder.

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Learn naturally with realistic conversations using phrasal verbs, idioms, and other vocabulary.

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Private Online English Classes

As well as producing new video English lessons every week, and innovative English learning material, I spend most of my time teaching private students around the world using Skype and other technology. I have taught 9,563 online English classes by Skype to 200 students in 42 countries since 2006. If you would like to learn more about my private classes, you can book an Introductory Class today.

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I am a 12-year-old Spanish student who has just started lessons with Richard. I didn't think onli...more...

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I'm the father of a 14 years old italian boy. My son was only able to count up to three in Englis...more...

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Amazing teacher ever, especially for those who need help with their accent !! ماشاء ...more...

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