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Stone Soup - (PDF and MOBI)

Stone Soup - (PDF and MOBI)

Learn English conditionals with this modern update to an old folk tale found in many cultures.

In this story, in comic form, an unsuspecting tramp gets more than he bargained for when he enlists the help of an elderly widow in making his “stone soup”.

This story is brought to life with lively, authentic dialogue focused on English conditionals and lovingly rendered illustrations.

Formats to Suit Everyone

Stone Soup is available in several formats.

You can buy it at the Kindle store for use on your Kindle or any device with the Kindle App installed.

You can buy it at Amazon as a printed paperback book in full colour.

You can buy it here at Britlish for the price you want to pay in PDF and MOBI format to read on any capable device.

For Teachers

Teachers can buy the book from my TES shop.

How Comics Help English Learners

Comics are a fun way to learn English in a similar way to playing a game.

Highly visual, the pictures serve to provide clear context for the vocabulary and grammar that is presented in the characters’ dialogues.

As the pictures remove the need for huge amounts of text, the bite-sized texts are able to focus on the intended vocabulary and grammar.

The dialogue uses authentic language, complete with colloquial expressions and an appropriate register.

There is a crossword puzzle included to help learn and remember the vocabulary from the story, as well as a wordsearch puzzle.

The puzzles can also be accessed in interactive form on the Britlish website.

They can also be printed for use at home or in the classroom.

In addition to the puzzles, teachers can also use the comic in the classroom for role-play purposes, writing assignments, and for describing the pictures, as well as for many other purposes.

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