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Food Idioms - PDF eBook

Food Idioms - PDF eBook

Problems with Idioms

Like most native English speakers, I have always used idioms without a second thought for the complexity they pose to non-native speakers. Until I became an English teacher, I had no idea that non-native speakers would have trouble using these common figures of speech. Having been an English teacher now for over 15 years I know just how much students need to use these all-important idiomatic expressions.

Solving the Problem

I have made it my task to gather together all of the common British English idioms that I can find and present them to students in an enjoyable, and fun way.

The success of my first book of idioms, Body Idioms, made me realise that there was indeed a market for a series of such books. I immediately set about writing the second in the series, Food Idioms.

Making Idioms Easy

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for students to learn, remember, and use the new vocabulary items, the idioms, that I’ve gathered in each of my books. I chose a style that would be both easy on the eye, but easily memorised, by choosing an uncluttered layout with easy to read text for both the explanations and for the examples of usage.

In this second book of the series, I also added notes to most of the idiom entries. These notes, and cross-references, add more interest for the student.

Repetition through Crosswords

Like the first book in the series, Food Idioms contains crossword puzzles to give you the chance to revisit the idioms and revise them through repetition. Repetition is a very important part of learning new vocabulary items, as we only memorise them after coming across or using them several times.

There are online versions of all 21 of the crosswords in the book, and you can find them here.

You can, if you want, print out the crosswords for your own use or for use in the classroom by visiting the online versions of the crosswords.

The Most Comprehensive Collection of Food Idioms Ever

Having collected over 500 idioms for the first book, Body Idioms, I was not surprised to find over 320 idioms for this book. As far as I know, this is the most comprehensive collection of food idioms available anywhere. When the series is complete, students will have the most comprehensive collection of idioms of all description available.

Food Idioms Is in Multiple Formats

Food Idioms is available as a printed book from Amazon, as a Kindle book from Amazon, and as a PDF download from Britlish. Check the links to the right to choose the format that is best for you.

Look Inside at Amazon

You can buy the 221 page paperback version from Amazon USUKGermanyFranceSpainItaly, and Japan.

You can also buy the Kindle edition from Amazon.

You can buy the PDF version here at Britlish for the price you want to pay.

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I am an English teacher and I want to teach English. I want to teach English and I want my high-quality English learning material to reach as many students as possible, regardless of their financial situation. For this reason, I decided to adopt a Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing structure for all of my downloadable English teaching material sold on this site.

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