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Video Typescripts

When I migrated Linguaspectrum to a new server and rebuilt the site using WordPress, I was not able to easily transfer all of the files as easily as I would have liked. One group of files I was not able to transfer were the typescripts for those video English lessons that had them.

There were a total of 62 typescripts at the old Linguaspectrum site, and students have been writing to me asking where they are now. The simple matter is that they are no longer linked to the old videos due to the massive changes I made to improve the usability of the site.

I came up with a solution to the problem by putting all 62 of the PDF typescripts together in a ZIP file for you to download. I also included an index PDF so that you can easily jump to the video which each typescript belongs to.

Pay What You Want

I am an English teacher and I want to teach English. I want to teach English and I want my high-quality English learning material to reach as many students as possible, regardless of their financial situation. For this reason, I decided to adopt a Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing structure for all of my downloadable English teaching material sold on this site.

Pay What You Want!

€6.00 for 12 months