The Classes I Give

I specialise in teaching my students to communicate effectively in English. I also help students with accent reduction and pronunciation issues for RP English. Some students need to pass exams such as the FCE, CAE, CPE, Trinity, TOEFL, IELTS, and University entrance exams, and I'm happy to help them do this. I also tutor students in writing.

Here are details of the types of classes I can provide

Accent Reduction and Pronunciation

I teach accent reduction for students from all language backgrounds. I focus on achieving close to Received Pronunciation (RP English).

I use the British English IPA chart where necessary, and focus on the problems posed by the student's native language. Each language has different problems when it comes to pronouncing English correctly. The first language tends to influence the student's pronunciation.

From my experience over the past decade, I have spoken at length with students from 40 countries and have developed an expert ear for pronunciation problems. I am able to use this vast experience to help students greatly improve their accents.

Pronunciation is more than just producing the correct sounds, and I school students in the correct use of weak and strong forms, in stress patterns, intonation, the importance of tonal modulation, linking sounds, ellipsis, and every other feature of British English pronunciation.

Exam Classes

I have helped many students pass their exams over the years. I have experience of teaching the Cambridge Exams from PET to CPE, the full range of Trinity exams, and the IELTS and TOEFL. I have also helped students pass their university entrance exams for English.

General English

Whatever type of class you are looking for, I will always pay attention to your general Engish skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening. I also correct grammar errors and errors of syntax and pronuncation for all students as they arise during our classes.

Writing Classes

As a freelance writer since 1986, I love to teach students the art of writing. Writing is not as difficult as students think, if they follow some simple rules and stick to a plan. Anybody can write well and effectively if they have the right coaching.

Conversation Classes

Many of my students simply want to practice speaking English with a native English speaker. Conversation classes are ideal for this, and require no homework beforehand.

Even if you live in an English-speaking country, you are unlikely to be corrected on your mistakes by those you are speaking with. Therefore, you continue to make mistakes and never improve. With me, I'll point out your mistakes, explain why they are mistakes, and help you to correct them permanently.

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