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What some of my 202 students in 43 countries have said about English teaching and my online English classes.

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flag S. I. from United States wrote...

As an advanced English speaker who was interested in learning British English, I wasn't very happy with any of my previous language coaches. When I came to Britlish a few months ago, Richard was able to identify and point out the areas where I needed to improve, right away. Since then my accent has improved tremendously. I very much recommend his classes since he tailors them based on the students' skill and need.

Monday, 11th November 2019

flag J. S. from Spain wrote...

Hi Richard. Thank you so much for your teaching, your interest to correct my faults, always rightly. Now I'm a little nervous but I'm excited and I can't wait to have my next classes. Regards Jaime

Tuesday, 30th July 2019

flag M. K. from Poland wrote...

Hello Everyone, I would like to encourage every one of you to take lessons with Richard. He is really good at teaching and also he is a nice person. Currently, I am preparing to FCE and I'm sure that Richard will help me pass the exam. You can have a lesson wherever you are, through an internet connection. Don't hesitate, don't procrastinate, just start learning... I can truly recommend Richard. Best regards. Ps. Sorry for any mistakes :) I'm still learning.

Saturday, 20th July 2019

flag E. K. from Netherlands wrote...

Hi there, My name is Elisabeth Kerstma, I'm 31 years old and I live in The Netherlands. Right now I'm in the final year of my teacher trainee course as an English teacher. Richard has helped me achieved my CAE Cambridge certificate. Richard's lessons helped me acquire the required exam technique to get me through the Cambridge exam. Richard's lessons are also quite interactive. Richard uses google docs to share materials for the lessons, which I found very useful since we can both work on the same document and see each other's comments and adjustments. Richard is a native speaker of English and has an excellent pronunciation. He helped me gain confidence with my accent, since I have Argentinian roots, I needed to soften my accent and sound more British. He certainly helped me sound British with all the tips and advice he gave me. Right now i' m working towards the CPE. This exam requires a higher level of vocabulary and grammar. We have been working towards it for quite a while now and I feel I'm quite ready for it! Richard's lessons are worth your money and you'll certainly achieve your goals. Kind regards, Elisabeth Kerstma from The Netherlands

Tuesday, 20th November 2018

flag D. A. from France wrote...

I am a 12-year-old Spanish student who has just started lessons with Richard. I didn't think online classes even existed until now , but I just love them. Richard is great fun and a very good teacher. Soy español y tengo 12 años. Acabo de empezar a recibir clases con Richard. Hasta ahora ni siquiera sabía que existieran los cursos online, pero me encantan. Richard es muy divertido y un gran profesor.

Tuesday, 14th February 2017

flag A. S. from Italy wrote...

I'm the father of a 14 years old italian boy. My son was only able to count up to three in English, before we met Richard.

Now, after 30 hours with him, my son can talk with me in English, and has good grades at school.

He's always happy to talk to Richard on skype, he never asked to skip a lesson. Richard's little-steps method seems to work perfectly.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016

flag C. N. from Spain wrote...

It has been a luxury to have had a class with you. I have never had a teacher able of pronouncing so many different sounds so clearly as you do. I have learnt today a lot of things about pronunciation from you and I am starting to think that I am going to be able to improve my pronunciation if I do my share. I like very much the way you teach, without the image, focusing only on the voice, which is after all, what it is the most important thing. Also the fact of following the book makes me pay more attention to what you are telling me because I can see at the same time what you are talking about. Your explanations are very clear and it is incredible the amount of things we have seen today only in an hour. For me your class is really great! Thank you!

Tuesday, 17th February 2015

flag C. H. from Germany wrote...

Hi students, 

a half year ago I looked for a native teacher to improve my English.There are a lot of confusing words and phrases .However the worst thing was and is that the spelling do not match with the pronunciation. That is why I decided to work together with Rich and bought his fantastic course " Sound British".It´s designed very well and there are a lots of practicing exercises including rules for the connected speech.

You cannot only learn to read better but you understand native speaker better.I recommend the course and classes one to one with Rich.Become a Britlisher and book a free class with Rich.

Cle (Germany)

Monday, 16th February 2015

flag M. L. from Spain wrote...

Las clases personalizadas con Richard son muy dinámicas, lo que me permite mejorar en mi pronunciación y soltura verbal. Estan muy enfocadas a tu ámbito profesional, lo que es muy importante hoy en día. Tienen una amplia flexibilidad horaria y las puedes seguir desde cualquier lugar a través de Skype.......... Así que, no hay excusas para no aprender inglés :D

Saturday, 31st May 2014

flag A. X. from Cyprus wrote...

Ο Richard είναι εξαιρετικά βοηθητικος και κατανοει και ανταποκρίνεται αμεσα στις ανάγκες των μαθητων. O Richard σκεφτεται "out of the box" και η προσεγγυση του ειναι εξαιρετικη.Δεν εχεις να κανεις με ενα απλό δασκαλο αλλα επεισης με ενα ατομο που εχει γνωσεις σε πολλούς τομεις. Συνεπως, μαζι του μαθαινεις για τον κοσμο παραλληλα με την εκμάθηση αγγλικων. Καποιος 'εχει πολλά να παρει απο τον Richard γιατι αγαπά αυτο που κάνει και αυτο φαινεται απο το πρωτο μαθημα!

Friday, 21st February 2014

flag F. C. from Spain wrote...

I have already taken 5 classes with Richard and I am very happy with it. It is a dynamic, entertaining and especially flexible method. With no doubt, I´d recommend it. It´s worth it.

Thursday, 6th February 2014

flag S. T. from United Kingdom wrote...

السلم عليكم انا من مصر وبدات دراست الغة الانجليزية مع ريتشارد لقد وجدتة ممتاز في شرح الغة بطريقة موبصطة و واضحة و ايضا يعرف ما هي نقطة الظعف عند المتاحدثين بلغة العربية ناتج عن خبرتة علي مدي السنين.لو ترغب ان تتعلم اءنجليزي و تتحدث كما يتحدث البريطنيون ريتشارد المدرس المناسب و ثمن الدرس عندة رخيص جدا

صفية حسين

Monday, 6th January 2014

flag E. T. from Belgium wrote...

Bonjour à tous,

Bienvenue sur la plateforme d'apprentissage de nouvelles langues !!

Si vous désirez progresser de manière considérable et durable en anglais alors je vous conseille de commencer à prendre des cours avec Richard.

Il vous donnera des exercices à faire chez, vous corrigera pour la prononciation et vous donnera des astuces de la langue.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2013

flag L. S. from Mexico wrote...

Teacher Richard:  Thank you very much for the conversational class of this morning, I enjoyed it very much.  All your English material: interactivities, videos and lessons are "out of this world"  I do appreciate all your help!  If you ever come to Mexico on vacation, please       do not hesitate to visit me. Talk to you soon.Lúlu

Profesor Ricardo:  Muchas gracias por la clase de conversación que tuvimos hoy por la mañana, la disfrute mucho.  Todo su material de inglés:  interactividades, videos y lecciones están "fuera de este mundo" Agradezco toda su ayuda.Sí alguna vez viene usted de vacaciones a México por favor pase a visitarme.  Estamos en contacto. Lúlu   

Friday, 11th October 2013

flag A. R. from Spain wrote...

He empezado las clases con el profesor Richard y estoy encantada. Las clases son muy amenas y muy productivas. La manera de dar las clases a través del skype me parece muy útil, pues te va poniendo los mensajes que cree oportunos, para corregirte palabras y para escribir la fonética, que es fundamental. Además, ha buscado el libro apropiado para mi, personalizando la clase, teniendo en cuenta mis intereses. En definitiva, lo recomiendo, un 10 para Richard. 

I have started to take classes with Teacher Richard and I am very happy. Classes are very enjoyable and very productive. The way of taking classes through Skype is very useful, becouse he writes the appropiated messages, to correct some words and to write the phonetics, which is basic. Besides, he has look for an appropiate book for me, personalizing the class, keeping my interest in mind. Definitely, I recommend him, a 10 for Richard.

Friday, 20th September 2013

flag A. G. from United Kingdom wrote...

Amazing teacher ever, especially for those who need help with their accent !!

ماشاء الله مدرس ممتاز و مضمون
بامانة هيوصلك للقمة دايما بيعطى امثلة من الانجليزى المستخدم فى الحياة اليومية. خلى بالك من طريقة نطقه وماتتكسفش تقلدة.
ربنا يوفقة لانه بيساعد ناس كتير :)

Thursday, 14th March 2013

flag R. O. from United Kingdom wrote...


You are a great teacher. I am happy to learn English with you. Lessons are very useful and I have learned many things. Thank you so much.

2013-01-12                        Rima

Saturday, 12th January 2013

flag J. A. from Spain wrote...

Si quieres dar un cambio radical en tus ingles prueba Britlish

Britlish es la mejor manera de aprender inglés, puedes hacerlo desde cualquier sitio, desde tu casa por ejemplo, no pierdes tiempo desplazándote, y las clases son “face to face” con lo cual aprovechas cada  minuto. En mi opinión el profesor es la ayuda más importante para aprender un idioma, con un buen profesor avanzaras rápido, Richard es el mejor profesor de inglés que he tenido, es paciente, tranquilo, buen conversador, te ayuda paso a paso con la gramática y te da la seguridad  que necesitas. Muchos españoles no nos iniciamos en el ingles hablado por vergüenza y no progresamos porque no hablamos. Con este método puedes empezar a hablar desde tu casa y complementarlo en tu trabajo, negocios o viajes.

Yo preparo estos días mi prueba de IELTS con Richard, es muy duro y difícil porque tienes que escribir, hablar, leer… etc. a un alto nivel, cosa que te exige mucho esfuerzo, determinación y encontrar  el tiempo suficiente para estudiar, esto  no lo puede hacer ningún profesor por ti, pero me siento feliz porque progreso cada día.

¡Animo, English is a piece of cake!

Javier Arranz Rodríguez.

Monday, 23rd July 2012

flag D. L. from Ukraine wrote...

Excellent teacher. Genuine British sense of humor (and of course accent :). Every lesson is pure fun. Certainly this is how English should be taught in the 21st century.

Wednesday, 8th September 2010