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Body Idioms

English Idioms!

Do you stuggle with idioms? Many students do!

Struggle no more with these new idioms books, Body Idioms and Food Idioms.

Body Idioms has more than 500 British English idioms while Food Idioms has over 325 British English idioms.

These two books in my ongoing series will help you take your English to the next level. Even your teacher will be envious of you!

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private English classes

Private Classes

English classes through Skype wherever you are in the world!

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free material

Free Videos

Hundreds of free Video English Lessons at YouTube.

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premium material

English Material

Innovative English learning material at the price you want to pay.

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My eComics are a fun and engaging way to improve your English.

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murder mystery

Murder Mystery

Improve your English by solving an exciting murder mystery.

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master the IPA chart

IPA Mastery!

Master the IPA chart with my interactive PDF eBook.

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sounds rude

Sounds Rude!

The English vocabulary that few teachers dare to teach.

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5WH Questions

5WH Questions

All you need to know to ask questions in English.

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irregular english verbs

Irregular Verbs

362 irregular English verbs with pronunciation!

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British Idioms

British Idioms

Hundreds of British idioms with video explanations.

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IPA Chart

Sounds British

All about the British English IPA Chart for pronunciation.

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Richard is also the creator of a popular YouTube channel.

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