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There are currently 610 British English Activities in the Britlish Library and I regularly add new Activities. The grid below shows you the 610 Activities available arranged alphabetically from Z to A. Use the navigation buttons to look through them. If you want to concentrate on a particular area of English, choose the category view instead.

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The Soldier

Perhaps one of the most famous World War I poems, The Soldier, by Rupert Brooke is known at least in part by most British people as it is often used on military memorials. The poem is one of a series of 5 sonnets that Brooke wrote on themes from the war published as 1914. This evocative and poignant poem romanticises the war rather than focussing on the grim realities. At the time Brooke wrote the poem, in the early years of the war, bodies of the dead were buried near where they fell and there are vast graveyards of British soldiers in foreign fields. Usi...

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The Problem with Humans

This lesson looks at why individually humans are stupid, ignorant, and pathetic, but collectively, as a species, we are capable of incredible achievements. How long would you survive if the fabric of our society dissolved away and we were left to fend for ourselves? What do you think will come after humans have outlived their usefulness? Do this lesson to find out some of my thoughts on this matter.


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The Pig Wordsearch

Our Word Search puzzle is a fun way to test your knowledge of the vocabulary used in Roald Dahl's "The Pig," which can be found in an English lesson in the Britlish Library. The puzzle includes 18 words from the poem for you to find, such as "bash," "butcher," "chitterlings," "chop," "grisly," "hunch," "juicy," "massive," "pigswill," "pork," "remorse," "roast," "sausage," "slice," "sum," "tender," "tremendous," and "wondrous." The puzzle is an engaging way to reinforce your understanding of the poem's vocabulary and themes, and is suitable for learners of all levels.

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The Pig Crossword

This crossword puzzle features vocabulary from Roald Dahl's "The Pig," and can be found in an English lesson in the Britlish Library. The puzzle contains 18 words related to the poem, with clues such as a type of pork cut, a food made from pig intestines, a large piece of cooked meat, a feeling of guilt, a thin slice of meat, a type of math calculation, a synonym for "enormous," a verb meaning "to strike heavily," an adjective meaning "excessive," a feeling of wonder or delight, a type of pig meat, a type of meat in a tube, a word for something shocking or repulsive, a term for something...

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The Pig

Roald Dahl's poem has a distinctive meter with 8 syllables per line, and a clever rhyming pattern at the end of each pair of lines. The poem follows the stress pattern oOoOoOoO, making it an excellent tool for mastering the rhythm of English. On our website, you can listen to the poem and compare the IPA transcriptions with the original Latin script. Additionally, we have provided exercises that allow you to practice the new vocabulary and expressions featured in the poem. Poetry is a wonderful way to learn about the rhythm of English, and this particular poem is both entertaining and ed...

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