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There are currently 559 British English Activities in the Britlish Library and I regularly add new Activities. The grid below shows you the 559 Activities available arranged alphabetically from Z to A. Use the navigation buttons to look through them. If you want to concentrate on a particular area of English, choose the category view instead.

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Python Programming Crossword

Crossword puzzles can be a fun and effective way for students of English to practice their vocabulary and spelling skills. The list of words and clues from the article on Python Programming: A Layman's Introduction can be used to create an engaging and challenging crossword puzzle. The clues can be designed to test the student's understanding of the key concepts and vocabulary covered in the article, encouraging them to think critically about the information presented. Completing the crossword puzzle can also help students to reinforce their memory of the new vocabulary words and their c...

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Python Programming Cloze

This cloze exercise is about an article titled "Python Programming: A Layman's Introduction," which provides an overview of Python, a popular high-level interpreted programming language used for various applications, such as web development, data science, and artificial intelligence. The article covers the history of Python and its creator, Guido van Rossum, and discusses some of the most popular applications of Python, such as web development frameworks like Flask and data science libraries like NumPy and Pandas. Moreover, the article highlights the reasons why Python has become a popul...

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Python Programming

The comprehension questions and article on Python Programming: A Layman's Introduction can be a useful resource for students of English who are interested in improving their reading comprehension skills. The article provides a clear and concise overview of what Python is, its history, and its many applications. The questions that follow the article are designed to test the reader's understanding of the text, helping to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary covered in the article. The article and questions can be particularly useful for English language learners who are interested in lear...

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Proficient Mistakes Challenge

No matter how good your English might be, and your first language might even be English, you will always make mistakes. The 20 random questions in this Challenge will test your English to the upmost. Only a very few students will manage to get all of the questions in this Challenge right. Show the world how proficient you are with the English language by taking this Challenge today.

Leaderboard Proficiency Course


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Present Simple - GA2

I told you about the past and present tenses in Grammar Activation Pack 1. I also introduced you to the aspects – simple, continuous, and perfect, and showed you why the three key verbs, do, be, and have, are so important. In this Grammar Activation Pack, I am going to tell you about the first of these key verbs, do, and how it is used for the simple aspect, present tense. The simple aspect of the present tense is marked by the auxiliary verb do, even when it appears to be missing. You might want to refresh your memory of the hidden do by taking another look at Grammar Activation P...

Grammar Course


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