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There are currently 591 British English Activities in the Britlish Library and I add new Activities regularly. The grid below shows you the 591 Activities available arranged chronologically from newest to oldest. Use the navigation buttons to look through them. If you want to concentrate on a particular area of English, choose the category view instead.

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Greetings - Conversation Activator

Practice how to greet someone with this conversation activator which will also teach you some useful vocabulary and expressions. This English Conversation Activation Pack gives you practicing in greeting people you meet for the first time. Expressions such as, Hi, Nice to meet you, Good morning, Pleased to meet you, Are you here on…, as well as showing you how not to greet people and how to avoid sounding rude or worse. You will also learn some new expressions and vocabulary such as: abrupt, architect, break the ice, Christopher Wren, come across as, decent, do you fancy, go out f...

Speaking Conversations Travel English Pronunciation

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Consonants 1

An introduction to Britlish English Consonants (I have hayfever so had to use AI voices for this pack). There are 24 consonant sounds in British English. The consonant sounds are shown in the blue box at the bottom of the British English IPA chart, under the vowels. A consonant is a basic speech sound in which the breath is at least partially obstructed and which can be combined with a vowel to form a syllable. Consonants can only be produced with a vowel. There are 21 letters in the English alphabet which represent consonants but there are 24 consonant sounds. The consonant letters of t...

IPA Chart Course

Pronunciation IPA Symbols Speaking

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A Deadly Lesson - An English Murder Mystery

Interact with each character and ask questions to help you uncover their secrets and reveal the clues that will help you accuse the right character of the crime. Find important clues in each round and understand each character’s motives for committing the crime. As you investigate the characters you will come to understand them and the little secrets they keep hidden. To correctly solve the mystery, the player must understand what they are reading, hearing, and learning.


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Will Continuous and Will Perfect - GA15

In Grammar Activation Pack 13, we looked at how we use will and shall to talk about the future. In this Pack we will be looking at other ways to use will to talk about the future. You already know that the future tense is marked by will, the continuous aspect is marked by be +ing, and the perfect aspect is marked by have plus past participle. In this pack we will be looking at the differences between the future continuous the future perfect, and the future perfect continuous. The future continuous tell us that at a time in the future the action will be ongoing. We can use will be +ing in...

Grammar Course


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Vocabulary Activation Pack - Smells

A dog without a nose would not be able to smell smells, but it could still be a very smelly dog. Smell is both a verb and a noun, while smelly is an adjective. In this Vocabulary Activation Pack, I will be looking at the various words we have to describe different types of smells, be they good, bad, or somewhere in between. Words we will examine include aroma, bouquet, fetor, fragrance, odour, perfume, pong, reek, scent, smell, stench, stink, and whiff. 

Vocabulary Humour

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