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There are currently 559 British English Activities in the Britlish Library and I add new Activities regularly. The grid below shows you the 559 Activities available arranged chronologically from newest to oldest. Use the navigation buttons to look through them. If you want to concentrate on a particular area of English, choose the category view instead.

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E-Bike History IPA to Words

Are you a language enthusiast who loves to solve puzzles and learn new things? If so, our IPA Transcription exercise is perfect for you! This engaging activity features words from our e-bike word list written in British English IPA symbols, challenging you to decipher and discover their original meaning. By honing your problem-solving skills and ability to recognize words based on sound alone, you'll gain valuable experience in transcription and improve your overall language proficiency. So, if you're looking for a fun and interactive way to learn, come join us and get ready to test your...

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E-Bike History Scramble

Do you enjoy unscrambling words and solving puzzles? Then our word scramble exercise is just what you need! This puzzle takes words from our e-bike word list and jumbles up their letters, leaving you to unscramble them and find the original word. This exercise is great for honing your problem-solving skills, as well as your ability to recognize words even when their letters are mixed up. So get ready to unscramble and have fun!

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E-Bike History Wordsearch

Are you a fan of puzzles that require keen observation skills? If so, then our word search is the perfect challenge for you! This puzzle features a grid filled with letters, and your goal is to find all the words in our e-bike word list. You'll need to scan the grid horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to spot all the words, so take your time and see how many you can find.

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E-Bike History Crossword

Test your knowledge of the electric bicycle with our crossword puzzle! This puzzle features clues that correspond to various terms related to the history and use of e-bikes, from the names of companies that introduced the first e-bikes to the components that make these vehicles possible. See if you can fill in all the blanks and complete the puzzle without any help!

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E-Bike History

Our reading and listening comprehension exercise is perfect for those who want to test their understanding of the history of the electric bicycle. This exercise involves reading a passage about the development and rise in popularity of e-bikes and then answering a set of multiple-choice questions to test your comprehension of the material. You can also choose to listen to an audio recording of the passage to further test your listening and comprehension skills. This exercise is great for improving your ability to understand and remember information, as well as your skil...

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