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There are currently 805 British English Activities in the Britlish Library and I add new Activities regularly. The grid below shows you the 805 Activities available arranged chronologically from oldest to newest. Use the navigation buttons to look through them. If you want to concentrate on a particular area of English, choose the category view instead.

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Future 2 - GA13

In the previous Grammar Activation Packs I have introduced you to the present and the past tenses, along with the simple, continuous, and perfect aspects. I also mentioned that English has only the two tenses, present and past. This lesson looks at Will or Shall for Future, Asking for Decisions, Promises and Threats, Decisions Made at the Moment, Predicting, Conditionals, Giving Orders or Instructions, Negative Will for Refusals, Negative Shall for Refusals, things Not Rooted in Present, and Future Time Indicators. This British English grammar is essential for all students of English and...

Grammar Course


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Vowel in Boat / əʊ /

Activate the Vowel in Boat / əʊ / with this Pronunciation Activation Pack. In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at the seventh gliding vowel / əʊ /. We will look at the letter combinations that give the / əʊ / sound. We will look at lots of words which have the / əʊ / sound in them. Finally, we will activate your ability to hear and produce the / əʊ / sound correctly. Letter Combinations for / əʊ / - This gliding vowel sound has these letter combinations: O, OE, OW, OA, and OU, and rarely OUGH, and EAU. There are two other vowel sounds which cause confusio...

IPA Chart Course

Pronunciation IPA Symbols Speaking

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The Periodic Table of the Elements

How to say all of the 118 elements of the periodic table while learning about comparatives and superlatives. For those students who have an interest in the periodic table and the chemical elements or who have to learn them in English, this lesson will ensure that you can correctly pronounce them all with a British accent. Some of the elements are pronounced differently in American English. This lesson also looks at superlatives and comparatives in English. Most of the information about the elements contains comparative or superlative forms to give you plenty of examples of how to use the...

Science Course Lesson Parts (3)

Vocabulary Grammar IPA Symbols Pronunciation

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Idiom Activation Pack - Food Idioms 9

Idioms are expressions that are natural to native English speakers. They are very confusing for non-native English speakers. They're confusing because idioms don't mean what the words say. You cannot literally translate English idioms into another language. The vocabulary in this British English lesson is important for students to learn and master. There are a lot of idioms in this lesson as well as a set of questions which I have designed to help you learn, remember, and use the vocabulary and make it part of your active vocabulary. If you are serious about improving your British Englis...

Idioms Course

Idioms Vocabulary

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Future 3 - GA14

The second most common way, after will, of talking about the future in English is by the use of be going to. I have already shown how an –ing form needs the finite verb be to form the continuous aspect. Be going to is the present continuous and acts as an auxiliary verb, like will, to talk about the future. We use be going to to talk about future things which are already planned. We use be going to to talk about future things which we can predict from present evidence. There is often no difference in meaning between be going to and the present continuous. 


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