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There are currently 590 British English Activities in the Britlish Library and I regularly add new Activities. The grid below shows you the 590 Activities available arranged alphabetically from Z to A. Use the navigation buttons to look through them. If you want to concentrate on a particular area of English, choose the category view instead.

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Anatomy Vocabulary Lesson

In this lesson, you'll learn essential anatomy vocabulary used by medical professionals like doctors and nurses. Discover the meanings of words such as alveolus, gut, skin, and more. With clear definitions and examples of use, this lesson is perfect for anyone looking to improve their medical vocabulary. Test your knowledge with the self-test exercises. Do this lesson today and expand your medical knowledge!

Medical Vocab Course Download Lesson Parts (4)

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An Offer You Can't Refuse

This Conversation Activation Pack will give you practice in using the following expressions in a natural, realistic way: a bit rich, bail out, bite the hand that feeds you, build bridges, bump into, by any means, call on, come across, come by, come off it, contrite, get out of hand, hear someone out, hook up, jammy, make amends, not have the foggiest, not put something past someone, olive branch, pay off a debt, pilfer, Ponzi scheme, pop in, pull someone’s leg, reflect on, ring a bell, run into, sent down, spot on, sure-fire, time off for good behaviour, to sink something, to what ...

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Welcome to this comprehension exercise designed to test your understanding of our informative article on algorithms. The article delves into the history, basics, and impact of algorithms on our daily lives. By completing this exercise, you will not only enhance your reading and listening skills but also gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of algorithms. The following multiple-choice questions will challenge your comprehension and help you consolidate the knowledge you've gained from the article. Good luck, and enjoy the exercise!

Technology Course Download Audio Reading IPA Script Lesson Parts (10)

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This Alaska joke gets its humour from the pronunciation features of British English. If you understand the rhythm of English and how weak and strong syllables behave when we speak, you will be able to understand the humour of this joke. The Britlish Library lesson explains how and why the joke is funny and gives you plenty of exercises to help you learn, remember, and use these pronunciation features.

Jokes Course

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Aisle - Hard to Say

The word aisle is a difficult word to spell and to pronounce. In this lesson I’ll tell you what aisle means, show you how to pronounce it with a standard British English accent, and give you some examples of its use. I’ll also look at other vocabulary which rhyme with aisle such as bile, dial, file, isle, mile, pile, smile, style, tile, trial, vile, and while. You can also practice your knowledge of the IPA symbols and pronunciation with some IPA transcriptions of these words which rhyme with aisle.

Pronunciation Vocabulary Listenings

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