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Put your English language skills to the test with Britlish Challenges! Compete against other learners from around the world and see where you rank on the Leader Board. These challenges are designed to test your knowledge and push you to your limits. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, the Britlish Library offers a growing number of challenges to choose from. Take on the challenge, improve your skills and see how you fare against other learners. After completing the challenges, you'll receive an email with your score and ranking on the Leader Boards. Ready to rise to the challenge? Try Britlish Challenges today!

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10 Difficult Spellings

It can be challenging to compile a comprehensive list of the "most difficult to spell" words in the English language because spelling is a subject that can be difficult for individuals for a variety of reasons. However, in this challenge you will be presented with ten English words that are frequently noted as being particularly challenging to spell. Do you think you have what it takes to correctly spell all ten words, and to outperform other students from around the globe by placing yourself at the top of the leaderboard?

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34 Tricky FCE Vocab - Challenge

Can you challenge yourself on one of the most important factors that is tested in the FCE - vocabulary? Having a larger vocabulary allows you to understand and use a wider range of words, which will help you to express yourself more clearly and accurately. Additionally, a larger vocabulary will also helps  you to read and understand texts more easily. In this challenge, you will be testing yourself on words that are considered difficult for students at FCE level. By mastering these words, you will be well on your way to acing the FCE and achieving your language goals.

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Ace Your CAE Vocab! - Challenge

Challenge yourself on the key words, phrasal verbs, and fixed expressions from the CAE Vocab lesson and which will be helpful for you in achieving a high mark in the CAE exam. These words and expressions are commonly used in formal writing and can help you sound more professional and confident in your writing. Do you know the meaning of each word or expression and can you use them in a sentence? Do you know how to use them in context? Take this challenge test and pit your English skills against other students around the world.

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Advanced Mistakes Challenge

We all make mistakes because nobody is perfect. It will be a really advanced student of English who will be able to answer all the 20 random questions in this Britlish Challenge without making a mistake or two. Can you show how advanced your English is by putting your name at the top of the Leader Board? Good luck!

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Colon Challenge

I asked the OpenAI ChatGPT: “Can you tell me about the colon, and how to use it?” What it said I put in a video which you will find in this challenge. Watch the video and then you should know enough about the use of colons to get a perfect score in this challenge.

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