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Did you know that there are over 600,000 words in English? That's a lot of words, and far more than any human being could ever manage to learn. Even Shakespeare only used around 55,000 different words in all of his works. Mind you, he did actually invent quite a few of them. To get a good mastery of English, you do need to expand your vocabulary as much as possible. The more words you know, the better your English will be. The Activities here will help you to quickly develop your vocabulary.

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Eratosthenes Lesson

I asked the OpenAI ChatGPT: “How did Eratosthenes calculate the size of the Earth and how accurate was he?”  I put what it said in a video which you will find in this lesson. Watch the video and then you should know enough about Eratosthenes and how he measured the world over two thousand years ago to answer the self-test exercises and practice material for the vocabulary in the video and for the IPA symbols.

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Eschew - Hard to Say

The word eschew is a hard word to spell and to pronounce. In this lesson I’ll tell you what eschew means, show you how to pronounce it with a standard British English accent, and give you some examples of its use. I’ll also look at other vocabulary of refusal or acceptance such as abandon, abjure, avoid, disdain, embrace, eschew, forego, forswear, give up, grab, grasp, hold, keep clear of, refrain from, renounce, repudiate, seize, shun, spurn, take hold of, and welcome. You can also practice your knowledge of the IPA symbols and pronunciation with some IPA transcriptions of t...

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Eunice Newton Foote

Reading and listening comprehension exercises are designed to assess a reader's understanding of a particular text. In this exercise, you will be asked to answer ten multiple choice questions based on an article about Eunice Newton Foote, a pioneering scientist who made significant contributions to our understanding of the greenhouse effect. As you read through the article, pay close attention to the details and take note of any important information that may be relevant to the questions. Good luck!

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Eunice Newton Foote Articles

Welcome to the "Eunice Newton Foote" Article Exercise! In this activity, based on the text, "Eunice Newton Foote", you will practice using the correct English articles "a", "an", and "the". Articles are essential determiners that help specify the nouns they precede. Understanding how to use them correctly can greatly improve your English fluency. By completing this exercise, you will improve your skills in identifying the appropriate article to use in different contexts and become more comfortable with this important aspect of English grammar. You can also create a worksheet that has the...

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Eunice Newton Foote Cloze

Welcome to this dynamic and customizable cloze exercise, designed to test your comprehension and recall of the text, Eunice Newton Foote. In this exercise, you will be presented with a passage that has words strategically removed, leaving you with the challenge of filling in the blanks with the appropriate words. The unique feature of this activity is its customizability: you, or your teacher, can choose the frequency of the missing words, ranging from every 5th to every 20th word. This allows you to adjust the difficulty level according to your skill or preference. As you complete the e...

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