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Our Reading material provides students with a wealth of resources to help them prepare for a variety of English language exams, including the FCE, CAE, and CPE. By studying the lessons in this category, students will gain valuable practice in reading comprehension, critical analysis, and language acquisition. The exercises and texts are designed to simulate the types of tasks students will encounter on the actual exams, providing them with the opportunity to build their skills and confidence in a supportive and engaging environment. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, the lessons offer something for everyone, with a wide range of topics, levels, and activities to choose from. If you're looking to improve your reading abilities, prepare for an English language exam, or simply expand your knowledge, this is the perfect place to start!

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George Orwell Cloze

This cloze exercise is about an article that provides an overview of the life and work of George Orwell, a prominent writer and political activist. Orwell was born in India and grew up in England, where he worked as a police officer in Burma before pursuing writing. He is most well-known for his novels "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty-Four," which delve into the darker aspects of human nature and the perils of totalitarianism. Orwell's political writing centered on the emergence of totalitarianism in Europe, and he was a committed socialist who fought in the Spanish Civil War. He passe...

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Health Anxiety

Welcome to the comprehension exercise based on our article, "Health Anxiety." This exercise will test your understanding of the text, which delves into the lives of well-known figures who struggled with hypochondria or health anxiety. The following multiple-choice questions will challenge your knowledge of the historical figures discussed, their accomplishments, and the nature of their health concerns. By engaging with this exercise, you will not only enhance your reading comprehension skills but also develop empathy for those who suffer from health anxiety today. Good luck and en...

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Health Anxiety Cloze

Introducing a customizable cloze exercise based on our article "Health Anxiety," designed to offer a tailored learning experience to improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. In this exercise, you have the flexibility to choose the frequency of the missing words, ranging from every 5th to every 20th word. This adaptability allows you, as a student or teacher, to customize the difficulty level of the exercise to suit your specific needs and learning goals. By engaging in this activity, you will not only enhance your understanding of the article's content but also ch...

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History of Fasting

Try these comprehension exercises created about the history of fasting. These exercises are a great way to test your understanding of the key concepts and ideas presented in the essay, and to reinforce your learning in a fun and interactive way. With 10 multiple-choice questions, you can challenge yourself to recall important details, while a crossword puzzle and word search will help you to remember key vocabulary words and concepts. Whether you're a student looking to reinforce your learning or a curious reader interested in the history of fasting, these exercises offer a fun and engag...

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History of Fasting Cloze

This cloze exercise is about fasting, a practice that has been observed for religious and spiritual purposes by various cultures and religions throughout history. Fasting was used in ancient civilizations to purify the body and soul, communicate with the divine, and gain favor with the gods. Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam practice fasting as a way of atonement and self-reflection. In the early 20th century, fasting gained popularity as a treatment for various illnesses, and in recent years, intermittent fasting has become a popular health trend. Fasting rema...

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