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6 Exam Practice - A to Z

Here you will find comprehensive exam-focused lessons to help students achieve success on widely recognized language proficiency exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English Language Assessment Exams (PET, FCE, CAE, and FPE), Trinity College London Exams, and TOEIC. These lessons are designed to hone your vocabulary, grammar, and overall language proficiency, which are essential for passing these exams. You will learn the words and phrases that are commonly found on these exams and how to use them in context, giving you a competitive edge.

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34 Tricky FCE Vocab - Crossword

These 34 words are considered difficult for students at the First Certificate of English FCE level, which is considered an upper-intermediate level of proficiency. They are not intended to be exhaustive list but rather a sample of challenging words that a student at that level should be familiar with. See the word list with the more information button at the bottom of the crossword.

Upper-Int. Course Lesson Parts (4)

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Ace Your CAE Vocab! - Crossword

In this crossword puzzle, you will be finding some key words, phrasal verbs, and fixed expressions that will be helpful for you in achieving a high mark in the CAE exam. These words and expressions are commonly used in formal writing and can help you sound more professional and confident in your writing. We will also go over the meaning of each word or expression, and I'll give you examples of how you can use them in a sentence. This way you can get a better understanding of how to use them in context.

Advanced Course Lesson Parts (4)

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Ancient Athens Crossword

Challenge your English language skills and test your knowledge of ancient history with our Athens Crossword! Perfect for B2 level students of English, this crossword features 27 vocabulary items related to the ancient city of Athens, located in Greece. From its rich cultural heritage and history to its famous philosophers and magnificent architecture, this crossword will help reinforce your understanding of one of the world's most influential cities. So, grab a pen and paper and get ready to put your skills to the test!

History Course Lesson Parts (3)

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CAE Listening 1 Crossword

The crossword puzzle created from 46 words chosen from the three extracts in the CAE Listening 1 lesson provides an entertaining and engaging way for students to review and reinforce the concepts discussed in the lesson. The words selected cover a wide range of topics related to music, including genres, influences, creativity, and style, and the clues challenge students to think critically and apply what they've learned. By completing the crossword puzzle, students will be able to solidify their understanding of the subject matter while also having fun. Teachers will find this activity t...

Advanced Course Lesson Parts (3)

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Coffee, Exercise, Diet Crossword

Challenge your knowledge on some of the most popular topics discussed in the FCE listening examination with our fun and educational crossword puzzle! Test your understanding of the history of coffee, including its origins in Ethiopia, its spread through trade and colonization, and its popularity among students, artists, and intellectuals. See how much you know about the American Revolution, including the Boston Tea Party and the high taxes on tea that led many to switch to drinking coffee. Brush up on the benefits of exercise, including its impact on physical health, mental health, and m...

Health and Fitness Course Lesson Parts (3)

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