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Reading is an effective way to improve one's understanding of the English language. However, listening is a more challenging skill that requires dedicated practice and development. The Britlish Library offers a variety of activities that focus on the speech features of native English speakers, such as elision, simplification, intonation, stress, and rhythm. These activities aim to help students understand and effectively listen to spoken English, including the nuances and variations that may occur in conversation. By working through these activities, learners can improve their listening skills and gain a deeper understanding of the English language.

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Colour Idioms

Idioms are expressions that are natural to native English speakers. They are very confusing for non-native English speakers. They're confusing because idioms don't mean what the words say. You cannot literally translate English idioms into another language. For example: A black mark has a literal meaning of a black mark on clothing or any other material. It also has a non-literal meaning of a record of something bad you have done. This lesson uses a video English lesson about colour idioms which I made in 2010, and which has been very popular on YouTube.     

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Coffee, Exercise, Diet

FCE Listening Exam Format [Examiner]: Hello and welcome to the FCE listening examination. Before we begin, let's go over the rules. [Examiner]: You will be given 30 minutes to listen to three recordings, which will be played twice. Each recording is followed by several questions. You must write your answers on the answer sheet provided. [Examiner]: Are there any questions before we start? [Silence] [Examiner]: Great, let's begin with the first recording. [Recording 1 plays twice] [Examiner]: And now, please turn to the first page of your answer sheet and write your answers to the questions. You have three minutes to do so. [Three minutes pass] [Examiner]: Time's up. Let's move on to the next recording. [Recording 2 plays twice] [Examiner]: Please turn to the second page of your answer sheet and write your answers to the questions. You have three minutes. [Three minutes pass] [Examiner]: Time's up. Now let's move on to the final recording. [Recording 3 plays twice] [Examiner]: Please turn to the final page of your answer sheet and write your answers to the questions. You have three minutes. [Three minutes pass] [Examiner]: Time's up. Thank you for taking part in the FCE listening examination. Please hand in your answer sheet to the invigilator and leave the room quietly.

Health and Fitness Course Download Audio Reading IPA Script Lesson Parts (7)

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Choir - Hard to Say

The word choir is a difficult word to spell and to pronounce. In this lesson I’ll tell you what choir means, show you how to pronounce it with a standard British English accent, and give you some examples of its use. I’ll also look at other vocabulary which begins with CHO but do not necessarily have the same pronunciation such as chocolate, choir, choke, cholesterol, chondrite, choose, choosy, chop, choral, chord, chore, choreographer, chorister, chorizo, chortle, chorus, chosen, chough, chow, and chowder. You can also practice your knowledge of the IPA symbols and pronunciation with some IPA transcriptions of these CHO words.

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Changes in Fast Speech

Practice hearing the changes in fast spoken speech. When we speak quickly, sounds that we expect to hear may be missing. It’s not only sounds that go missing in fast spoken English. Whole words may disappear, too. Sounds also change in fast spoken English and some words will not sound the same as they do when spoken slowly, or the way they are shown in dictionaries. In these exercises, I want you to try to hear what changes are taking place in the fast spoken sentences. We will look in greater detail at the changes in later lessons in this Sounds British Pronunciation Course. Changes in Fast Speech.

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Carrot Myth - Dictation

Get ready to enhance your listening and writing skills with this, Carrot Myth, dictation exercise based on the reading and listening comprehension text, Carrot Myth. You will listen to a series of sentences based on the content of the text, Carrot Myth. As you carefully listen to each sentence, write it down as accurately as you can. This exercise will help you improve your listening comprehension, spelling, and grammar skills while reinforcing your understanding of the text, Carrot Myth. Moreover, you can print out customisable worksheets and answer keys for use offline or in the classroom. Enjoy the challenge and happy dictating!

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