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Reading is an effective way to improve one's understanding of the English language. However, listening is a more challenging skill that requires dedicated practice and development. The Britlish Library offers a variety of activities that focus on the speech features of native English speakers, such as elision, simplification, intonation, stress, and rhythm. These activities aim to help students understand and effectively listen to spoken English, including the nuances and variations that may occur in conversation. By working through these activities, learners can improve their listening skills and gain a deeper understanding of the English language.

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Carrot Myth

During World War II, the British government and the Royal Air Force (RAF) created a cover story, the carrot myth, to protect the secret of their radar technology. They claimed that their pilots' exceptional night vision was due to their consumption of large quantities of carrots, which are rich in vitamin A, essential for maintaining healthy vision. British pilots were instructed to use this story if captured by the Germans. The carrot myth proved effective in misdirecting German research, causing them to focus on carrot-based diets for their pilots, while the British maintained their advantage in the skies using their advanced radar technology. The carrot myth persisted long after the war, but in reality, while carrots are important for maintaining healthy eyesight, they don't dramatically enhance night vision.

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CAE Listening 1

The Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) exam is an internationally recognized exam that measures proficiency in the English language. The listening component of the CAE exam is designed to test the ability of the candidate to understand spoken English in a range of contexts, including conversations, interviews, and presentations. The exam typically lasts about 40 minutes and includes four parts, each with a different focus and level of difficulty. Test-takers must demonstrate the ability to understand specific details, recognize main ideas, and identify opinions and attitudes. To succeed on the CAE listening exam, candidates must have a strong grasp of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as the ability to follow complex ideas and arguments. With careful preparation and practice, candidates can improve their listening skills and increase their chances of achieving success on the CAE exam.

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Butterfly - An Experiment in AI

GPT-3 is a neural network created by OpenAI which uses an autoregressive language model and deep learning to produce text that is indistinguishable from that produced by a human being. I decided to pose a question to the GPT-3 AI to test its capabilities. The question I posed to the AI was: What does it feel like to be a butterfly? The answer I got back was interesting, to say the least. I used Amazon Polly, another neural net AI, to read aloud the GPT-3 AI’s answer. I then fed the audio file into an AI animation software package which created a recognisable character that could present the AI generated answer to you on the screen. The following video is the result. Bear in mind that everything you see and hear was created by artificial intelligence. All I did was add some eye-candy in the form of the caterpillar and butterfly videos in the background.

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A lot of jokes in English depend for their humour on the way completely different words can sound identical due to the speech features we find in spoken British English. This is one of those jokes. Listen to the joke and then do the exercises so that you can learn about why it is so funny. English humour can be difficult for non-native English speakers. This is why simple English jokes are a very good way of teaching vocabulary, and why I’ve chosen a very simple joke for this lesson. I’m not going to write the joke here as it depends for its humour entirely on a homophone.       

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British Royalty - Dictation

Get ready to enhance your listening and writing skills with this, British Royalty, dictation exercise based on the reading and listening comprehension text, British Royalty. You will listen to a series of sentences based on the content of the text, British Royalty. As you carefully listen to each sentence, write it down as accurately as you can. This exercise will help you improve your listening comprehension, spelling, and grammar skills while reinforcing your understanding of the text, British Royalty. Moreover, you can print out customisable worksheets and answer keys for use offline or in the classroom. Enjoy the challenge and happy dictating!

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