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The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an essential tool for any student or teacher of the English language. Developed in the 19th century, the IPA provides a standardized way to represent the sounds of speech in written form. The British English IPA chart includes 44 symbols that represent the monophthongs, diphthongs, and consonant sounds of spoken British English. The Britlish Library offers a wide range of activities to help you master the British English IPA symbols, improve your pronunciation, and take your English language skills to the next level. Whether you're a student or a teacher, our activities are designed to help you learn, remember, and effectively use the IPA in your English language studies.

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Crisper Man - IPA to Sentence

Dive into this captivating IPA to Sentence exercise, where you'll encounter sentences inspired by the content of the Crisper Man reading and listening comprehension exercise. Your mission is to transcribe these sentences from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) script into standard English sentences. This exercise is designed to bolster your understanding of phonetic symbols and pronunciation, while simultaneously reinforcing your grasp of the Crisper Man text. Prepare to unleash your phonetic prowess and relish the challenge! Additionally, you can print customizable worksheets for personal or classroom use.

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Crisper Man - IPA Matching

This Crisper Man word-to-IPA matching exercise is a great way to test your understanding of concepts and vocabulary in the Crisper Man reading and listening comprehension text. In this exercise, you will be presented with a list of words on the subject of Crisper Man on one side and a list of corresponding International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions on the other side. The goal is to match the correct IPA transcription to each word. This Crisper Man matching exercise is a fun and engaging way to reinforce learning. By completing this Crisper Man word-to-IPA matching exercise, you can build your knowledge and confidence in using the IPA system to accurately represent and pronounce new words. With its interactive nature, this Crisper Man word-to-IPA matching exercise can help keep you engaged and motivated to learn. You can also create a customisable worksheet and answer key for private use or use in the classroom.

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Crisper Man - Dictation

Get ready to enhance your listening and writing skills with this, Crisper Man, dictation exercise based on the reading and listening comprehension text, Crisper Man. You will listen to a series of sentences based on the content of the text, Crisper Man. As you carefully listen to each sentence, write it down as accurately as you can. This exercise will help you improve your listening comprehension, spelling, and grammar skills while reinforcing your understanding of the text, Crisper Man. Moreover, you can print out customisable worksheets and answer keys for use offline or in the classroom. Enjoy the challenge and happy dictating!

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Crisper Man

James Baker, a mild-mannered librarian, undertakes a series of genetic experiments with CRISPR technology in his kitchen. His successful self-administered modifications grant him superhuman strength, speed, and resilience, transforming him into the 'Crisper Man.' However, a faulty gene edit leads to a health crisis, forcing him to seek help from his friend Emma, a professional geneticist. Emma corrects the error, and James retains his superpowers but learns a valuable lesson about the perils of unregulated experimentation. Subsequently, he uses his powers to help others and responsibly advance scientific progress. Both James and Emma become advocates for safe and ethical gene editing, using their experiences to inspire a responsible approach to scientific exploration.

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Consonants 1

An introduction to Britlish English Consonants (I have hayfever so had to use AI voices for this pack). There are 24 consonant sounds in British English. The consonant sounds are shown in the blue box at the bottom of the British English IPA chart, under the vowels. A consonant is a basic speech sound in which the breath is at least partially obstructed and which can be combined with a vowel to form a syllable. Consonants can only be produced with a vowel. There are 21 letters in the English alphabet which represent consonants but there are 24 consonant sounds. The consonant letters of the alphabet are, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y. The consonant sounds are grouped into several types. There are the plosives, the fricatives, the affricates, the nasals and the approximants. English consonants are classified by technical terms which refer to the way air escapes as we say the sound, where the obstruction to the air flow takes place, and whether the vocal cords are used. 

IPA Chart Course

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