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Learn English idioms easily and have fun with them! Our idioms activities are designed to make learning idioms as accessible as any other part of the English language. Instead of just memorizing lists of vocabulary, our activities aim to make the learning process interesting and productive. Knowing as many idioms as possible is important as native English speakers use them frequently. With our activities, you'll be able to master idioms and use them like a native speaker in no time!

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Idiom Activation Pack - Bakery

Idioms are expressions that are natural to native English speakers. They are very confusing for non-native English speakers. They're confusing because idioms don't mean what the words say. You cannot literally translate English idioms into another language. The vocabulary in this British English lesson is important for students to learn and master. There are a lot of idioms in this lesson as well as a set of questions which I have designed to help you learn, remember, and use the vocabulary and make it part of your active vocabulary. If you are serious about improving your British English vocabulary, these common British English idioms are essential. The idioms are: Break bread, Bread and butter, Crackers, Crumpet, Earn crust, Crusty, Best thing since sliced bread, Upper crust, Bun in the oven, Piffy on a rock bun, Finger in the pie, Humble pie, Nice as pie, Easy as pie, Finger in too many pies, Pie in the sky, Knuckle sandwich, and Warm as toast.  

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Idioms Activation Pack - Arms

There are 13 arms idioms in this Idiom Activation Pack. To be up in arms, Have one arm tied behind your back, Cost an arm and a leg, Lay down your arms, Strong-arm tactics, Keep somebody at arm’s length, Have a list as long as your arm, To give your right arm, Welcome someone with open arms, The long arm of the law, Twist someone’s arm, Chance your arm, and To bear arms. After you have seen, heard, and read the idioms and their meanings, you can activate them and make them part of your active vocabulary.

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Pick Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

The phrasal verbs are: pick at, pick off, pick on, pick up, pick up on, pick out, and pick away. The idioms are: a bone to pick, cherry pick, have your pick of something, pick your nose, pick to pieces pick to bits, pick a lock, pick and choose, take your pick, pick of the bunch pick of the crop, pick brains, pick pocket, pick through, pick up speed, pick up the pace, pick up the tab, pick your moment, pick a winner, pick holes in, pick of the litter, pick out of a hat, pick up steam, pick up the gauntlet, pick me up, and pickup artist.  

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