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At Britlish, our expert team of English teachers and content creators are dedicated to providing you with fresh and engaging content regularly. Our recent track record shows that we have added 2 new lessons (40 Activities) in the last 7 days and 14 new lessons (280 activities) in the last 30 days. Our promise to Wisdom and Genius Members is to add a minimum of 4 new lessons every month.

The Britlish Library 1510 Activities are categorised into 42 categories to make it easier for you to find the lessons you are interested in. To find the sort of lesson you are looking for, choose one of the categories from the list below. Click on the category name and you will see a list of all the lessons available in your chosen category. I create new British English Activities every week. You can select all of the Activities in each of the categories by clicking on any of the images or links below.

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Who Said What? - 29 Activities

In language learning, it's important not only to be able to understand individual words and phrases but also to comprehend full conversations in context. That's where the "Who Said What?" exercise comes in. Students will be presented with a mixed-up conversation, and their task will be to put it back into the correct order. This exercise will help students practice their listening and comprehension skills, as well as their ability to understand and interpret the flow of a conversation. By putting the conversation in the correct order, students will gain a better understanding of the context and the overall meaning of the conversation. This "Who Said What?" exercise is a great way to challenge students and improve their language skills while also making it fun and engaging.

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Role-Play - 29 Activities

Role-playing is a fun and engaging way to practice language skills, especially when it comes to conversational language. In this exercise, two students will be given half of a conversation, and they must read their character's lines while listening to their partner read the other person's lines until they have read the whole conversation. This exercise will help students practice their listening and speaking skills, as well as their ability to understand the context of a conversation. Before starting the role-play, students will watch a video enactment of the conversation to help them understand the flow and tone of the conversation. Additionally, students can be asked to write down what the other person says to further reinforce their listening and comprehension skills. Overall, this exercise is an interactive and enjoyable way for students to improve their language skills.

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Comprehension - 68 Activities

Welcome to these British English reading and listening comprehension exercises, designed to help you improve your English language reading and listening skills as well as your vocabulary and grammar. In these lessons, we will explore the topic of the text, and as you read, pay close attention to vocabulary and content as after reading or listening you will test your understanding of the text with multiple-choice questions. These exercises will not only enhance your reading and listening comprehension but also provide you with valuable knowledge about the subjects of the texts. Good luck and enjoy the exercises!

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IPA-Definition - 59 Activities

These IPA word-to-Definition matching exercises are a great way to test your understanding of concepts and vocabulary in the reading and listening comprehension texts. In these exercises, you will be presented with a list of IPA transcripts of words on one side and a list of English definitions of the words on the other side. The goal is to match the correct IPA transcribed word to each definition. These matching exercises are a fun and engaging way to reinforce learning. By completing these IPA word-to-definition matching exercises, you can build your knowledge and confidence in using the IPA system to accurately represent and pronounce new words. With its interactive nature, these IPA word-to-definition matching exercises can help keep you engaged and motivated to learn. You can also create customisable worksheets and answer keys for private use or use in the classroom.

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IPA to Words - 54 Activities

Embark on these invigorating IPA to Words exercises, where you'll be presented with a curated list of words and phrases from the text featured in the reading and listening comprehension exercise. Your challenge is to transcribe each word or phrase from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) into standard English. These exercises will put your knowledge of phonetic symbols and conventions to the test while reinforcing your comprehension of the vocabulary in the texts. As you progress through the exercises, you'll not only sharpen your phonetic transcription abilities but also gain a profound appreciation for the language employed in the texts. Moreover, you can print customizable worksheets and answer keys for offline or classroom use.

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