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Certain words always go with other words. The words just "sound right" if you are a native English speaker. An expression like make the bed is a collocation but many students confuse it with do the bed which sounds wrong to native English speakers. If you do this course, you will not make mistakes with these collocations.

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English idioms and idiomatic expressions are an essential part of the language, used by native speakers to add color, depth, and nuance to their communication. An idiom is a phrase that cannot be understood through its literal meaning, but rather, its figurative meaning. For example, "break a leg" is an idiom that means good luck, while "pulling someone's leg" means to tease or joke with someone. English idioms and idiomatic expressions are used in everyday conversations, literature, movies, and music, making them a crucial aspect of understanding and using the language fluently. Learnin...

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Understanding another culture's humour can be one of the most challenging things for a student of any language to master. The lessons in this course are all typical English jokes which depend for their humour on word play, puns, and pronunciation. If you understand the humour in these jokes, you will be well on your way to understanding English humour in general.

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Popular Poetry

There are many poems that are recognised, if not known, by many people, and which have become cultural icons. Far from being dead or irrelevant, poetry still maintains the capacity to strike deep at the heart of what it means to be English. These poems are as English as cathedrals and castles, Maypoles and Morris dancers and should be read and enjoyed by all English speakers and by those who aspire to understand more of what it means to be English.

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IPA Chart

A complete course to help you learn, remember, and use the 44 sounds and symbols of the British English IPA chart. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you will find this course invaluable. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) provides us with a means of identifying the 44 sounds of British English and thus overcoming the problems of English pronunciation in which the same letters or combinations of letters can have different pronunciations in different words. 

39 Activities

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