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Transport Course - 4 Lessons

Are you interested in learning more about transportation in the English-speaking world? Whether you are a student looking to improve your vocabulary, comprehension, or pronunciation, or a teacher seeking engaging and informative resources to supplement your lessons, the Britlish Library's "Transport" course has something for you. From bicycles and trains to cars and planes, this course explores the different types of transportation that are commonly used in the English-speaking world. Through a variety of exercises, including listening comprehension, vocabulary development, and reading activities, you will gain a better understanding of the terminology, concepts, and challenges associated with transportation. Whether you are an experienced learner or just starting out, this course is sure to help you improve your English language skills and expand your knowledge of transportation.

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E-Bike History

Our reading and listening comprehension exercise is perfect for those who want to test their understanding of the history of the electric bicycle. This exercise involves reading a passage about the development and rise in popularity of e-bikes and then answering a set of multiple-choice questions to test your comprehension of the material. You can also choose to listen to an audio recording of the passage to further test your listening and comprehension skills. This exercise is great for improving your ability to understand and remember information, as well as your skil...

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Steam Train Memories

This listening about an old steam train driver's memories of his career is designed to give students a glimpse into the life and experiences of someone who worked in a fascinating and important historical industry. The reminiscence provides a rich and nostalgic narrative that will engage students and help them to develop their listening skills. The questions accompanying the extract are designed to test the student's understanding of the content and their ability to pick out important details. This listening is appropriate for students at an advanced level, such as the CPE (Certificate o...

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Whylie Whyse on Car Ownership

Whylie Whyse looks at the question of why we are so addicted to private cars even though they are harming our planet and our health and why driving around in cars is a really stupid thing for an "intelligent" creature to do.


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Transport Language

However you prefer to travel, be it by car, by plane, by bike, or simply walking, transport of some form is part of your life. If you don't know the vocabulary to use when travelling or deciding on which transport to use, you're going nowhere. This lesson will teach you much of the language you need to know to talk about transport. The lesson looks at canoes, boats, walking, horse riding, horses and carts, trains, planes, cars, lorries, bicycles, motorcycles, sailing ships, and more, gives you plenty of exercises to help you learn, remember, and use the new vocabulary you have learned.

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