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Having printed versions of the lessons, video scripts, crosswords, and wordsearch puzzles for your English language studies can greatly enhance your learning experience. These materials allow you to easily review the key points of each lesson, making it easier to reinforce your understanding of the language. You can also take these resources with you wherever you go, whether you are commuting, traveling, or just taking a break, so that you can continue your studies at your own pace and convenience. Furthermore, having these printed documents readily available can help you improve your listening comprehension and practice your pronunciation. With printed copies, you can effectively and efficiently maximize your learning opportunities and make the most of your time and effort. Many of the activities allow you to customise your printout to create unique material for use by yourself or in the classroom.

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10 Difficult Spellings

It can be challenging to compile a comprehensive list of the "most difficult to spell" words in the English language because spelling is a subject that can be difficult for individuals for a variety of reasons. However, in this challenge you will be presented with ten English words that are frequently noted as being particularly challenging to spell. Do you think you have what it takes to correctly spell all ten words, and to outperform other students from around the globe by placing yourself at the top of the leaderboard?

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Challenges Vocabulary Spelling

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34 Tricky FCE Vocab - Lesson

One of the most important factors that is tested in the FCE is vocabulary use and range. Having a larger vocabulary allows you to understand and use a wider range of words, which will help you to express yourself more clearly and accurately. Additionally, a larger vocabulary will also helps you to read and understand texts more easily. In this activity, you will be learning 34 words that are considered difficult for students at FCE level. By mastering these words, you will be well on your way to acing the FCE and achieving your language goals.

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Exam Practice Spelling Vocabulary

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A Bittersweet Tale

Welcome to our latest comprehension exercise, designed to help you hone your English reading or listening and understanding skills! We have prepared an engaging article on the fascinating topic of apple diversity in Britain, exploring its history, reasons for decline, and ongoing preservation efforts. After reading or listening to the article, you'll have the opportunity to test your comprehension by answering ten multiple-choice questions. This exercise will not only expand your vocabulary and knowledge about a unique aspect of British culture but also sharpen your abi...

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Listenings Reading Vocabulary IPA Symbols Teacher Stuff

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A Bittersweet Tale Cloze

Welcome to this dynamic and customizable cloze exercise, designed to test your comprehension and recall of the text, A Bittersweet Tale. In this exercise, you will be presented with a passage that has words strategically removed, leaving you with the challenge of filling in the blanks with the appropriate words. The unique feature of this activity is its customizability: you, or your teacher, can choose the frequency of the missing words, ranging from every 5th to every 20th word. This allows you to adjust the difficulty level according to your skill or preference. As you complete the ex...

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Cloze Reading Vocabulary IPA Symbols Listenings Teacher Stuff

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A Bittersweet Tale Crossword Crossword

Ready for a challenge that will test both your vocabulary and knowledge about British apple diversity? We've created a fun and engaging crossword puzzle just for you! The clues are based on our article about the rich history, decline, and preservation efforts surrounding Britain's apple varieties. Put your thinking cap on and see if you can solve this delightful puzzle while expanding your vocabulary and learning more about Britain's unique apple heritage. Good luck and have fun!

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Crosswords Word Games Vocabulary

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