Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus

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Some students like to sit back and listen to some interesting English. It doesn't get much more interesting than some of the old classics from English literature. These Activities have been created to help you get the best from the vocabulary found in some of the old classics. As you listen and read your way through these Activities, you will also broaden your understanding of English culture.


Reading is the easiest way to take in English. Listening is a much harder skill and one that has to be developed as you study the language. There are lots of speech features that arise when native English speakers speak English. These speech features, such as elision, simplification, intonation, stress, and rhythm, and the way in which speakers may miss out sounds or whole words, are important to understand if you are to be able to listen to and fully understand spoken English. These Britlish Library Activities will help you to develop you listening skills.  


Did you know that there are over 600,000 words in English? That's a lot of words, and far more than any human being could ever manage to learn. Even Shakespeare only used around 55,000 different words in all of his works. Mind you, he did actually invent quite a few of them. To get a good mastery of English, you do need to expand your vocabulary as much as possible. The more words you know, the better your English will be. The Activities here will help you to quickly develop your vocabulary.

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Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus was written by Mary Shelley (1797–1851), an English author, and tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. Victor is a young scientist who creates a creature in a scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition was published anonymously in London on 1 January 1818, when she was 20. Her name first appeared on the second edition, published in 1823. The Vocabulary Activation Pack is designed to help students learn, remember, and use 1,257 items of vocabulary taken from the novel. Sit back and listen to the entire book read by the Britlish AI in British English. NOTE: CHAPTER 15 Audio is here. The link in the lesson is broken, but you can click this link instead.

Vocabulary focused on in this lesson: abbey, abhor, abhorrence, abhorrent, abject, aboard, abode, abortive, abrupt, absolution, absorbed, absorbing, abstruse, acceptance, accompanied, accomplished, accomplishment, accordingly, accumulated, accumulation, accuracy, accursed, accusation, accused, accustomed, aching, acknowledged, acme, acorn, acquaintance, acquainted, acquired, acquirement, acquiring, acquisition, acquit, acquittal, acquitted, acting, actuated, acuteness, addressed, adieu, adjacent, adjuration, admirable, admired, admittance, adopted, adoration, adored, adorn, adorned, adrift, advancement, advancing, adventurer, adversary, adversity, aerial, affability, affectation, affected, affecting, affectionate, affectionately, affirm, affirmative, afflicted, affluence, affright, aggravation, agile, agitate, agitated, agitation, agonised, agonising, agony, agreeable, agreed, aided, airs, airy, akin, alas, albatross, alchemist, alike, alleged, alleviate, alleviated, allotted, alloy, allude, allurement, alluring, allusion, almighty, alteration, altered, alternate, amassed, ameliorate, amend, amiable, amphitheatre, ample, amusement, anatomise, anatomy, anchor, anew, angel, angelic, anguish, animate, animated, animating, animation, annihilation, announced, anon, antelope, anticipated, anticipation, antipathy, antique, antiquity, apathy, apothecary, appalling, apparatus, apparel, apparition, appearing, appetite, applied, apprehended, apprehension, approaching, approbation, appropriated, approved, arbiter, archangel, ardent, ardently, ardour, arduous, aright, aroused, arranged, arranging, arrested, artery, articulate, artifice, ascend, ascent, ascertain, aspiration, aspire, assassin, assassinated, assemblage, assembled, asserted, assertion, asseveration, assigned, assisted, assizes, associated, assuage, assumed, assurance, assured, assuredly, astonished, astonishing, astonishment, astounded, astounding, asylum, atone, atrocious, attachment, attain, attained, attainment, attendance, attendant, attended, attending, attentive, attentively, attest, audible, audibly, auditor, aught, augmented, augury, avail, avalanche, avenge, avenue, averse, aversion, avert, avidity, avow, avowal, avowed, await, awaken, awakened, awe, bade, baffled, balanced, balancing, ballot, balminess, balmy, banish, banker, banks, barbarity, barbarous, barbarously, bare, bared, bark, barn, barred, barren, barricade, bauble, beam, beaming, bearing, beast, beaten, becoming, bedchamber, bedewed, bedim, bedside, befall, befitting, beg, beggar, behold, beholding, being, believing, belonging, beloved, bending, benefactor, beneficence, beneficial, benevolence, benevolent, benevolently, benignity, benumbed, besieged, bespoke, bestow, bestowed, betray, beware, bewildered, bidding, bier, binding, bitterness, blackbird, blackness, blameless, blast, blasted, bleak, bleakness, blessed, blessing, blight, blinded, blindness, bliss, bloodless, bloodshed, bloody, bloom, blooming, blossom, blot, blunt, boarder, boast, bodily, bold, bolt, bondage, bones, bookkeeping, bosom, bounded, boundless, bounds, bounty, bourne, bowing, boyhood, braces, braided, brake, bramble, brandy, brawling, breaker, breaking, breathed, breathless, breeze, brethren, bridal, bride, brightness, bringing, brink, broken, brooding, brook, brotherly, brow, bruised, brutality, brute, bud, budding, buffeted, built, burdened, buried, burned, burning, burns, busily, bustle, cabriolet, cadence, calamity, calculated, calculating, called, calling, callous, calmness, candour, canopied, canopy, capacious, cape, caprice, captive, carelessness, carnage, carpeted, carriage, casement, casting, cataract, catastrophe, catching, causation, causing, caution, cave, celebrated, celestial, cemetery, centred, certainty, chained, chains, chaise, chamois, changeable, changed, changing, characterise, characteristically, charged, charm, charmed, charming, chasm, chastened, chastise, checked, cheerfulness, cheering, cherish, cherub, chiefly, childish, childless, chill, chilly, chimera, chimerical, chimney, chink, chivalrous, chivalry, choked, chosen, churchyard, circulate, circumstances, circumstantial, citadel, civilised, clapping, clasp, classification, clay, cleaning, cleared, clearness, clemency, cliff, clime, cling, cloak, closest, closing, clothed, clouded, cloudless, cloudy, clump, coarse, coffin, coincidence, coldness, collected, collecting, colonization, combat, combined, combustible, comforter, comfortless, coming, commence, commencement, commerce, commiserate, committed, communicating, communion, compact, companion, companionship, comparable, comparative, compass, compassion, compassionate, compensate, compensated, competent, complacency, completed, completion, complexion, complexity, comply, composed, composing, composure, comprehend, comprehended, comrade, conceal, concealed, concealing, concealment, concede, conceited, conceive, conceived, concentrated, conception, concluded, concussion, condemn, condemnation, condemned, condescension, conduce, conducive, conducting, conductor, confer, confess, confession, confessor, confide, confidential, confinement, confines, confirmation, confirmed, confiscated, conflagration, conflicting, conformation, confusedly, congeal, congenial, congratulatory, conjecture, conjure, connected, conquer, conscience, consecrate, consecrated, consequently, considerate, considerateness, considered, consolation, console, consternation, constrained, consumed, consummate, consummated, consummation, contained, contemplate, contemplation, contempt, contented, contention, contentment, continual, continually, continuation, contortion, contradictory, contrary, contrived, contumely, convalescence, convenience, conveniently, convent, converse, convey, conveyed, convict, convicted, convinced, convulsion, convulsive, coolness, cord, corpse, corrected, correspondence, corruption, cot, cottager, counsel, countenance, countless, country, countryman, courtyard, coveted, coward, cowardice, cracking, crag, cramped, craving, crawling, creaking, creator, credited, creek, crevice, criminality, croaking, crossed, crossing, crowding, crucible, cruelly, cruelty, crushed, cultivated, cultivation, curbed, curdle, curiosity, curling, curse, cursed, cursory, cypress, dabble, dabbled, dagger, dangerously, dank, daring, darkened, dash, dashed, dashing, dated, dauntless, dawn, daybreak, daydream, daylight, dazzled, dazzling, deadly, dealing, dearest, dearly, deathbed, deathlike, debar, debasing, debilitated, debility, decayed, deceit, decided, decidedly, decipher, decisive, declamatory, declaration, declared, decreased, decreasing, decreed, dedicate, dedicated, deduce, deed, deeds, deem, defect, deference, deferred, defiance, deformed, deformity, degradation, degraded, delayed, demoniacal, departed, deposition, depraved, deprecate, deprive, deserved, desolation, despairing, desperation, despised, destroyed, detest, devilish, devotion, dew, diabolically, dictated, diffidence, diffident, diffused, diffusing, digging, discernment, disclose, disguise, disinclined, disliked, dispel, disposed, disquiet, disquieted, disquisition, distaste, divert, divine, dome, dormant, doubtless, downcast, dread, dreaded, dreadfully, dried, drifting, drove, dying, eagerly, earliest, earnest, ecstasy, efface, effected, effectual, eloquent, eminently, emulate, emulation, enchantment, endeavour, endless, endowed, endowment, energetically, engagement, enormity, ensuing, enticement, entitled, entreat, enunciation, enveloped, environ, envy, erroneous, escaped, especial, established, evidently, exasperate, excellence, excess, exchanged, excursion, execration, exertion, exhaustion, exhilarated, exhortation, exotic, expedite, expire, exploit, expostulate, expressed, extended, exultation, exulting, eyeball, failed, fairyland, fallen, falsehood, falsely, faltering, famed, fang, fare, farther, fearfully, feebly, fervent, fervently, fervour, fired, fitting, flagrant, floating, florin, flourishing, fluctuate, fluctuating, flushed, fool, forgotten, formidable, foster, frail, freezing, fringed, frost, furnished, fury, futile, gaoler, generosity, genial, genius, gesticulation, glimmering, gloom, glut, gospel, gossip, governed, gratify, graves, greedily, grovel, guarded, guiltless, haggard, halo, handed, handkerchief, hands, hanging, hardy, harnessed, hated, haunt, hearer, heartily, hellish, hemisphere, herb, hidden, hiding, homeward, hovel, hover, humanity, humankind, hysterics, icy, idler, idol, ignoble, illustrious, imitate, imitation, immeasurably, immense, immutable, impediment, impend, imprecate, impulse, incitement, incoherent, incredulity, indiscriminately, indispensable, inestimable, inexpressible, inferior, infinity, informed, inglorious, inhabit, inhabitant, inherited, innocence, innumerable, inroad, insatiable, instantly, insupportable, insurmountable, integrity, intercourse, interference, interrupted, intertwined, intimate, intolerable, invade, invader, invigorated, irradiation, irresistible, keel, kennel, kindliness, kindling, kingdom, kinsman, knowing, labourer, laid, landed, landing, lapse, lassitude, lately, laudanum, laughing, lawless, lessened, lessening, liberty, lichen, linen, listening, loathsome, longer, looking, loudness, loved, lowest, lullaby, lulling, luxury, maddening, magistrate, making, mandate, manly, mariner, marked, marking, materially, maternal, meanly, meantime, mechanical, mediation, merciless, mercy, merit, minutely, minutes, miraculous, misdeed, miserable, misty, mockery, monument, moralizing, morrow, mortal, mould, mountainous, mourner, moved, moving, mute, narrowed, necessity, neglected, noisome, notwithstanding, oaten, oatmeal, obdurate, obscurely, offering, offspring, oftener, older, omit, onwards, oppressed, oriental, overcast, overlooking, overpowering, overtake, owed, packed, pail, painfully, palpable, paradisiacal, parched, pasture, paternal, pathless, patriarchal, pebble, peculiarly, pedantry, peopled, perambulation, perceptibly, perish, perpendicularly, perpetrate, persecutor, perseverance, perversity, pest, petticoat, physiology, pierced, pioneer, played, playfellow, plaything, pleasurable, pledge, Plutarch, portend, possessed, precarious, precipice, precipitation, predilection, preside, prevail, proclaim, procrastinate, profane, profoundly, progressively, prolonged, pronounced, protector, protestation, protracted, proved, pulling, quelling, raft, rage, ragged, raging, raising, rash, rational, raving, realise, reassure, reassured, recapitulation, received, recess, recovered, redress, refrain, relapse, relic, relinquish, relinquished, relinquishing, remainder, remembrance, remorse, removed, rendering, renewing, renounce, repentant, replete, reproach, republican, repulse, required, requisite, rescued, resolving, respectable, rested, restrained, retard, returning, revealed, reverie, revisit, revived, riches, risen, rooted, rubbing, ruled, rushed, sacrilege, sands, sandy, sanguinary, Sanskrit, Satan, satiate, saved, scaffold, scattered, scoffing, scraggy, securely, seeing, selected, sensation, sensitiveness, serene, serenity, serving, sheltered, shipping, shroud, shuddering, shutter, signification, similarity, singular, sixteen, sixth, skeleton, slaked, sleeping, slough, smoothed, smothered, softness, solely, solicitude, sophism, sorrowful, southwards, specimen, speck, speechless, speedy, squalid, staircase, starvation, stately, stature, stealth, steeple, stifle, stolen, stopping, strained, struck, stupendous, sublime, submission, subsist, suggested, sunset, supernatural, supple, surpassing, surviving, suspense, symmetry, syndic, talking, tangible, tapped, tardily, taunt, temptation, tender, terminated, termination, terrifically, thickened, thirst, thirteen, thither, thoughtfulness, thrice, thrown, thrush, tide, tidings, timid, toilsome, tolerably, torture, torturing, towering, tranquillise, traverse, treacherous, treasure, treated, trembling, tremulous, tried, triumph, tumult, turbulence, turned, turning, uncommon, uncommonly, undeceive, uneasiness, uneasy, uneducated, uneven, uninteresting, unjust, unlimited, unlocked, unremitting, unsatisfactory, unsupported, unwearied, upright, utmost, uttered, vacant, vacillating, vanish, veiled, venting, verdure, vulture, wan, wandering, wantonness, warmed, warmly, watchful, watery, weaken, wearing, weep, whispered, whiteness, whitewashed, wholesome, wholly, wickedness, widow, willow, wishing, woe, woeful, won, wonderfully, wondrous, woods, workman, wreath, wrecked, wrinkled, writhed, wrongfully, and yearn.

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