Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus

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Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus was written by Mary Shelley (1797–1851), an English author, and tells the story of Victor Frankenstein. Victor is a young scientist who creates a creature in a scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition was published anonymously in London on 1 January 1818, when she was 20. Her name first appeared on the second edition, published in 1823. The Vocabulary Activation Pack is designed to help students learn, remember, and use 1,257 items of vocabulary taken from the novel. Sit back and listen to the entire book read by the Britlish AI in British English. NOTE: CHAPTER 15 Audio is here. The link in the lesson is broken, but you can click this link instead.

Vocabulary focused on in this lesson: abbey, abhor, abhorrence, abhorrent, abject, aboard, abode, abortive, abrupt, absolution, absorbed, absorbing, abstruse, acceptance, accompanied, accomplished, accomplishment, accordingly, accumulated, accumulation, accuracy, accursed, accusation, accused, accustomed, aching, acknowledged, acme, acorn, acquaintance, acquainted, acquired, acquirement, acquiring, acquisition, acquit, acquittal, acquitted, acting, actuated, acuteness, addressed, adieu, adjacent, adjuration, admirable, admired, admittance, adopted, adoration, adored, adorn, adorned, adrift, advancement, advancing, adventurer, adversary, adversity, aerial, affability, affectation, affected, affecting, affectionate, affectionately, affirm, affirmative, afflicted, affluence, affright, aggravation, agile, agitate, agitated, agitation, agonised, agonising, agony, agreeable, agreed, aided, airs, airy, akin, alas, albatross, alchemist, alike, alleged, alleviate, alleviated, allotted, alloy, allude, allurement, alluring, allusion, almighty, alteration, altered, alternate, amassed, ameliorate, amend, amiable, amphitheatre, ample, amusement, anatomise, anatomy, anchor, anew, angel, angelic, anguish, animate, animated, animating, animation, annihilation, announced, anon, antelope, anticipated, anticipation, antipathy, antique, antiquity, apathy, apothecary, appalling, apparatus, apparel, apparition, appearing, appetite, applied, apprehended, apprehension, approaching, approbation, appropriated, approved, arbiter, archangel, ardent, ardently, ardour, arduous, aright, aroused, arranged, arranging, arrested, artery, articulate, artifice, ascend, ascent, ascertain, aspiration, aspire, assassin, assassinated, assemblage, assembled, asserted, assertion, asseveration, assigned, assisted, assizes, associated, assuage, assumed, assurance, assured, assuredly, astonished, astonishing, astonishment, astounded, astounding, asylum, atone, atrocious, attachment, attain, attained, attainment, attendance, attendant, attended, attending, attentive, attentively, attest, audible, audibly, auditor, aught, augmented, augury, avail, avalanche, avenge, avenue, averse, aversion, avert, avidity, avow, avowal, avowed, await, awaken, awakened, awe, bade, baffled, balanced, balancing, ballot, balminess, balmy, banish, banker, banks, barbarity, barbarous, barbarously, bare, bared, bark, barn, barred, barren, barricade, bauble, beam, beaming, bearing, beast, beaten, becoming, bedchamber, bedewed, bedim, bedside, befall, befitting, beg, beggar, behold, beholding, being, believing, belonging, beloved, bending, benefactor, beneficence, beneficial, benevolence, benevolent, benevolently, benignity, benumbed, besieged, bespoke, bestow, bestowed, betray, beware, bewildered, bidding, bier, binding, bitterness, blackbird, blackness, blameless, blast, blasted, bleak, bleakness, blessed, blessing, blight, blinded, blindness, bliss, bloodless, bloodshed, bloody, bloom, blooming, blossom, blot, blunt, boarder, boast, bodily, bold, bolt, bondage, bones, bookkeeping, bosom, bounded, boundless, bounds, bounty, bourne, bowing, boyhood, braces, braided, brake, bramble, brandy, brawling, breaker, breaking, breathed, breathless, breeze, brethren, bridal, bride, brightness, bringing, brink, broken, brooding, brook, brotherly, brow, bruised, brutality, brute, bud, budding, buffeted, built, burdened, buried, burned, burning, burns, busily, bustle, cabriolet, cadence, calamity, calculated, calculating, called, calling, callous, calmness, candour, canopied, canopy, capacious, cape, caprice, captive, carelessness, carnage, carpeted, carriage, casement, casting, cataract, catastrophe, catching, causation, causing, caution, cave, celebrated, celestial, cemetery, centred, certainty, chained, chains, chaise, chamois, changeable, changed, changing, characterise, characteristically, charged, charm, charmed, charming, chasm, chastened, chastise, checked, cheerfulness, cheering, cherish, cherub, chiefly, childish, childless, chill, chilly, chimera, chimerical, chimney, chink, chivalrous, chivalry, choked, chosen, churchyard, circulate, circumstances, circumstantial, citadel, civilised, clapping, clasp, classification, clay, cleaning, cleared, clearness, clemency, cliff, clime, cling, cloak, closest, closing, clothed, clouded, cloudless, cloudy, clump, coarse, coffin, coincidence, coldness, collected, collecting, colonization, combat, combined, combustible, comforter, comfortless, coming, commence, commencement, commerce, commiserate, committed, communicating, communion, compact, companion, companionship, comparable, comparative, compass, compassion, compassionate, compensate, compensated, competent, complacency, completed, completion, complexion, complexity, comply, composed, composing, composure, comprehend, comprehended, comrade, conceal, concealed, concealing, concealment, concede, conceited, conceive, conceived, concentrated, conception, concluded, concussion, condemn, condemnation, condemned, condescension, conduce, conducive, conducting, conductor, confer, confess, confession, confessor, confide, confidential, confinement, confines, confirmation, confirmed, confiscated, conflagration, conflicting, conformation, confusedly, congeal, congenial, congratulatory, conjecture, conjure, connected, conquer, conscience, consecrate, consecrated, consequently, considerate, considerateness, considered, consolation, console, consternation, constrained, consumed, consummate, consummated, consummation, contained, contemplate, contemplation, contempt, contented, contention, contentment, continual, continually, continuation, contortion, contradictory, contrary, contrived, contumely, convalescence, convenience, conveniently, convent, converse, convey, conveyed, convict, convicted, convinced, convulsion, convulsive, coolness, cord, corpse, corrected, correspondence, corruption, cot, cottager, counsel, countenance, countless, country, countryman, courtyard, coveted, coward, cowardice, cracking, crag, cramped, craving, crawling, creaking, creator, credited, creek, crevice, criminality, croaking, crossed, crossing, crowding, crucible, cruelly, cruelty, crushed, cultivated, cultivation, curbed, curdle, curiosity, curling, curse, cursed, cursory, cypress, dabble, dabbled, dagger, dangerously, dank, daring, darkened, dash, dashed, dashing, dated, dauntless, dawn, daybreak, daydream, daylight, dazzled, dazzling, deadly, dealing, dearest, dearly, deathbed, deathlike, debar, debasing, debilitated, debility, decayed, deceit, decided, decidedly, decipher, decisive, declamatory, declaration, declared, decreased, decreasing, decreed, dedicate, dedicated, deduce, deed, deeds, deem, defect, deference, deferred, defiance, deformed, deformity, degradation, degraded, delayed, demoniacal, departed, deposition, depraved, deprecate, deprive, deserved, desolation, despairing, desperation, despised, destroyed, detest, devilish, devotion, dew, diabolically, dictated, diffidence, diffident, diffused, diffusing, digging, discernment, disclose, disguise, disinclined, disliked, dispel, disposed, disquiet, disquieted, disquisition, distaste, divert, divine, dome, dormant, doubtless, downcast, dread, dreaded, dreadfully, dried, drifting, drove, dying, eagerly, earliest, earnest, ecstasy, efface, effected, effectual, eloquent, eminently, emulate, emulation, enchantment, endeavour, endless, endowed, endowment, energetically, engagement, enormity, ensuing, enticement, entitled, entreat, enunciation, enveloped, environ, envy, erroneous, escaped, especial, established, evidently, exasperate, excellence, excess, exchanged, excursion, execration, exertion, exhaustion, exhilarated, exhortation, exotic, expedite, expire, exploit, expostulate, expressed, extended, exultation, exulting, eyeball, failed, fairyland, fallen, falsehood, falsely, faltering, famed, fang, fare, farther, fearfully, feebly, fervent, fervently, fervour, fired, fitting, flagrant, floating, florin, flourishing, fluctuate, fluctuating, flushed, fool, forgotten, formidable, foster, frail, freezing, fringed, frost, furnished, fury, futile, gaoler, generosity, genial, genius, gesticulation, glimmering, gloom, glut, gospel, gossip, governed, gratify, graves, greedily, grovel, guarded, guiltless, haggard, halo, handed, handkerchief, hands, hanging, hardy, harnessed, hated, haunt, hearer, heartily, hellish, hemisphere, herb, hidden, hiding, homeward, hovel, hover, humanity, humankind, hysterics, icy, idler, idol, ignoble, illustrious, imitate, imitation, immeasurably, immense, immutable, impediment, impend, imprecate, impulse, incitement, incoherent, incredulity, indiscriminately, indispensable, inestimable, inexpressible, inferior, infinity, informed, inglorious, inhabit, inhabitant, inherited, innocence, innumerable, inroad, insatiable, instantly, insupportable, insurmountable, integrity, intercourse, interference, interrupted, intertwined, intimate, intolerable, invade, invader, invigorated, irradiation, irresistible, keel, kennel, kindliness, kindling, kingdom, kinsman, knowing, labourer, laid, landed, landing, lapse, lassitude, lately, laudanum, laughing, lawless, lessened, lessening, liberty, lichen, linen, listening, loathsome, longer, looking, loudness, loved, lowest, lullaby, lulling, luxury, maddening, magistrate, making, mandate, manly, mariner, marked, marking, materially, maternal, meanly, meantime, mechanical, mediation, merciless, mercy, merit, minutely, minutes, miraculous, misdeed, miserable, misty, mockery, monument, moralizing, morrow, mortal, mould, mountainous, mourner, moved, moving, mute, narrowed, necessity, neglected, noisome, notwithstanding, oaten, oatmeal, obdurate, obscurely, offering, offspring, oftener, older, omit, onwards, oppressed, oriental, overcast, overlooking, overpowering, overtake, owed, packed, pail, painfully, palpable, paradisiacal, parched, pasture, paternal, pathless, patriarchal, pebble, peculiarly, pedantry, peopled, perambulation, perceptibly, perish, perpendicularly, perpetrate, persecutor, perseverance, perversity, pest, petticoat, physiology, pierced, pioneer, played, playfellow, plaything, pleasurable, pledge, Plutarch, portend, possessed, precarious, precipice, precipitation, predilection, preside, prevail, proclaim, procrastinate, profane, profoundly, progressively, prolonged, pronounced, protector, protestation, protracted, proved, pulling, quelling, raft, rage, ragged, raging, raising, rash, rational, raving, realise, reassure, reassured, recapitulation, received, recess, recovered, redress, refrain, relapse, relic, relinquish, relinquished, relinquishing, remainder, remembrance, remorse, removed, rendering, renewing, renounce, repentant, replete, reproach, republican, repulse, required, requisite, rescued, resolving, respectable, rested, restrained, retard, returning, revealed, reverie, revisit, revived, riches, risen, rooted, rubbing, ruled, rushed, sacrilege, sands, sandy, sanguinary, Sanskrit, Satan, satiate, saved, scaffold, scattered, scoffing, scraggy, securely, seeing, selected, sensation, sensitiveness, serene, serenity, serving, sheltered, shipping, shroud, shuddering, shutter, signification, similarity, singular, sixteen, sixth, skeleton, slaked, sleeping, slough, smoothed, smothered, softness, solely, solicitude, sophism, sorrowful, southwards, specimen, speck, speechless, speedy, squalid, staircase, starvation, stately, stature, stealth, steeple, stifle, stolen, stopping, strained, struck, stupendous, sublime, submission, subsist, suggested, sunset, supernatural, supple, surpassing, surviving, suspense, symmetry, syndic, talking, tangible, tapped, tardily, taunt, temptation, tender, terminated, termination, terrifically, thickened, thirst, thirteen, thither, thoughtfulness, thrice, thrown, thrush, tide, tidings, timid, toilsome, tolerably, torture, torturing, towering, tranquillise, traverse, treacherous, treasure, treated, trembling, tremulous, tried, triumph, tumult, turbulence, turned, turning, uncommon, uncommonly, undeceive, uneasiness, uneasy, uneducated, uneven, uninteresting, unjust, unlimited, unlocked, unremitting, unsatisfactory, unsupported, unwearied, upright, utmost, uttered, vacant, vacillating, vanish, veiled, venting, verdure, vulture, wan, wandering, wantonness, warmed, warmly, watchful, watery, weaken, wearing, weep, whispered, whiteness, whitewashed, wholesome, wholly, wickedness, widow, willow, wishing, woe, woeful, won, wonderfully, wondrous, woods, workman, wreath, wrecked, wrinkled, writhed, wrongfully, and yearn.

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