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Some Activities about how to do things in the Britlish Library. If you are interested in using the Britlish library to its full potential, you will need to learn how to use the systems that I have created for you. Here I will show you how the Britlish Library can help you in your English studies. The systems are mainly concerned with helping you to memorise new vocabulary or keeping track of your progress in the many Activities that you will find in the Britlish Library. I hope that you will find these instructions useful and that they will encourage you to make full use of the Britlish Library.  

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Are you frustrated at not being able to remember new vocabulary? You are not alone! One of the biggest problems faced by anyone learning a new language is the memorisation of new vocabulary. One of the questions that I am most often asked by students is, Do you have any advice on how to remember new vocabulary? This got me thinking, and I decided to do something to help not only my students but anyone who wants a fool-proof way of memorising new vocabulary. What I came up with is what I call the Britlish Vocabulary Memoriser. It's free to use for all Britishers. In this presentation, I'm going to show you how it works and how it can help you. 


I built this system to work on any device that has Internet access, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. All your data is stored on the Britlish server, so using the app won’t take up any valuable space on your system memory, but I hope you will fill your memory with new vocabulary. The system works on HTML5 so is available on every device.

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Use your study record to set lessons as completed, rate them with a 1-5 star rating, record vocabulary from the lesson for future reference, and take notes about the lesson for future reference.

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