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Learn English idioms easily and have fun with them! Our idioms activities are designed to make learning idioms as accessible as any other part of the English language. Instead of just memorizing lists of vocabulary, our activities aim to make the learning process interesting and productive. Knowing as many idioms as possible is important as native English speakers use them frequently. With our activities, you'll be able to master idioms and use them like a native speaker in no time!


Did you know that there are over 600,000 words in English? That's a lot of words, and far more than any human being could ever manage to learn. Even Shakespeare only used around 55,000 different words in all of his works. Mind you, he did actually invent quite a few of them. To get a good mastery of English, you do need to expand your vocabulary as much as possible. The more words you know, the better your English will be. The Activities here will help you to quickly develop your vocabulary.

The 12 common British English idiomatic expressions are, at the bottom of the ladder, learn something from the bottom up, to be at the bottom of something, the bottom of the barrel, bottoms up, the bottom line, smooth as a baby's bottom, from top to bottom, the bottom drawer, to hit rock bottom, from the bottom of my heart, and the bottom fell out of. This British English idioms lesson will help to you learn, remember, and use 12 common British English idiomatic expressions which use the word bottom. 

BOTTOM IDIOMS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LADDER When you start out in a job or career you are at the bottom of the ladder. “You’ll start at the bottom of the ladder but you’ll soon work your way up.” LEARN SOMETHING FROM THE BOTTOM UP To learn something from the bottom up is to learn something comprehensively from the basics the most important aspects. “The director learned his trade from the bottom up by starting as a tea boy in a film studio.” TO BE AT THE BOTTOM OF SOMETHING Something which is or lies at the bottom of something distasteful is the real or underlying reason for it. “I think not been able to have children of her own lay at the bottom of her strange behaviour towards my wife.” THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL Somebody or something that is the bottom of the barrel is the lowest quality possible, the dregs, or the least desirable. “Perhaps if we pay people more, we wouldn’t have to accept the bottom of the barrel.” BOTTOMS UP When you drink from a glass you normally tip the bottom of it into the air, and from this we get the toast of bottoms up. “Here’s to this new project. Bottoms up!” THE BOTTOM LINE The figurative meaning of the bottom line is the final outcome or result of something. “The bottom line is the company is going to have to close unless we can find some more backing.” SMOOTH AS A BABY’S BOTTOM Something which is extremely soft and smooth and has no imperfections is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. “Remember that robots will be running around on this floor so it needs to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.” FROM TOP TO BOTTOM From top to bottom means from the highest point to the lowest point and every part in between. “The police searched the house from top to bottom, but found no evidence.” THE BOTTOM DRAWER Young women who are to be married collect household things in their bottom drawer. “When she told me she was engaged, I gave some towels and bed linen for her bottom drawer.” TO HIT ROCK BOTTOM When you hit rock bottom, you are at the lowest possible moment of your life and things can only get better. “When I got divorced, I knew I’d hit rock bottom and that life would soon get very much better.” FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART When you want to say something with great sincerity of meaning, you can say from the bottom of your heart. “I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you’ve given me.” THE BOTTOM FELL OUT OF If the bottom falls out of something, it has lost value suddenly and without warning. “The financial crisis was caused when the bottom fell out of the housing market.”

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