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An English language learning website would not be complete without some word games for visitors to enjoy. The word games available in the Britlish Library are Crossword Puzzles and Wordsearch Puzzles. The interactive games can be played on any device and will help you to improve your vocabulary. They can also be good brain-training exercises and are an entertaining way of passing the time. You will find these games useful if you are a student, someone who enjoys word games, a homeschooler, or anyone else who wants a fun way to pass the time.


Word games like crossword puzzles are an enjoyable to keep your mind sharp while developing your vocabulary skills. These interactive crossword puzzles can be played on any device and will help you to improve your vocabulary. The more puzzles you complete, the more your vocabulary will grow. For those of advancing years, like myself, they are also good brain-training exercises as well as being entertaining ways to pass the time. These puzzles are suitable for students, for those who enjoy word games, for homeschoolers, and for everyone else who has a few minutes to spare in the day.


Did you know that there are over 600,000 words in English? That's a lot of words, and far more than any human being could ever manage to learn. Even Shakespeare only used around 55,000 different words in all of his works. Mind you, he did actually invent quite a few of them. To get a good mastery of English, you do need to expand your vocabulary as much as possible. The more words you know, the better your English will be. The Activities here will help you to quickly develop your vocabulary.


I am determined to make idioms as accessible for all students as any other part of the English language. Reading and memorising lists of vocabulary is not the most productive, interesting, or useful exercise in English language learning. I created these Activities to encourage you to not only learn and remember many English idioms, but also to have fun with them, as having fun is a great aid to learning and remembering. It is important that you know as many idioms as possible as native English speakers use them with alarming regularity. I hope that as you work your way through the Idiom Activities you will make some of the idioms your own and use them regularly like a native.

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A crossword puzzle with 36 idiomatic expressions to do with food. Complete the idioms to complete the crossword puzzle with the following words: and, approach, baby, banana, beans, beef, beer, cook, crusty, dry, edge, end, eye, fed, gets, ginger, go, green, ice, melting, mincemeat, nest, on, oranges, oven, pea, plum, republic, rotten, run, sky, spaghetti, spring, talk, taste, and tea.

Food Idioms Course



1 A dark surface intermingled with white, such as the first signs of grey hairs, is sometimes referred to as salt-______-pepper. (3)

4 Something which is small ______ is of less importance than something else, or is of little significance. (4)

7 A country reliant on a very narrow economic base while weakened by endemic corruption and poor government is known as a banana ______. (8)

9 Someone who is full of ______ has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for something, possibly because they have been well rested or well fed. (5)

11 Somebody who thinks that the moon is made of ______ cheese is very gullible and will believe anything, no matter how outlandish. (5)

14 Something which is extremely easy is like taking candy from a ______. (4)

16 A ______-soup is an extremely thick fog in which it is difficult to see your hand in front of your face. (3)

17 An elderly person who is not afraid to say what they mean in a rude or harsh manner is ______. (6)

18 When somebody is no longer as young as they used to be and is showing signs of age, we say they are no ______ chicken. (6)

21 To totally defeat someone and to punish them severely is to make ______ of them. (9)

23 A person who is behaving in a very unfriendly way or is very distant emotionally is being as cold as ______. (3)

24 Something which is not someone’s cup of ______ is something which they are not particularly interested in, or something which they would not enjoy being part of. (3)

25 A woman who is pregnant is said to have a bun in the ______. (4)

27 When the powers-that-be decide that something is no longer necessary, be it a service, program, or employee, it ______ the chop. (4)

28 A ______ egg is money you put aside for your future as a form of savings, particularly for your retirement. (4)

31 When you ______ nuts you become extremely emotionally agitated, angry, excited, or even mentally ill. (2)

32 Two things which are completely dissimilar are like apples and ______ and cannot reasonably be compared to one another. (7)

33 If somebody has been helped too much to the detriment of their learning, understanding, self-reliance, and initiative, they have been spoon-______. (3)


1 To persuade somebody to do something by using both punishment and threats is to use the carrot and stick ______. (8)

2 To milk something or someone ______ is to take all that is valuable, leaving only the valueless behind. (3)

3 ______ westerns were low-budget films set in the Wild West but filmed in European countries, particularly Italy. (9)

5 The apple of your ______ is a person who you love greatly, who you're very proud of, or you favour above all others. (3)

6 Something which loses energy, slows down, becomes weaker, and eventually stops, has ______ out of steam. (3)

8 A ______ is the source of a long-standing conflict between people. (4)

10 A good idea which is unlikely to be realised is, like an impossible dream or an empty promise, pie in the ______. (3)

12 A job or assignment that everybody wants but which is very difficult to get is a ______ job. (4)

13 When something unpleasant or unfair has happened to you and you cannot forget it, it leaves a bitter ______ in your mouth. (5)

15 To tell someone things that are patently nonsense, ridiculous, or false, to flatter them, is to give them banana oil. (6)

19 A despicable person who is a bad influence on those around them is a ______ egg. (6)

20 If, within a large organisation or political group, you have a small group which tries to exert undue influence on the other member of the group to get them to accept their ideas, this small group is known as a ______ group. (6)

21 A place where we find people from many divergent backgrounds, cultures, or beliefs, who are all coexisting happily together, is a ______ pot. (7)

22 To deliberately and dishonestly alter a company or organisation's financial records or accounts is to cook the ______. (4)

26 When you are very stressed due to the situation you find yourself in, we say you are on a knife-______. (4)

29 If you stick with something until it is completed, however unpleasant or difficult it may be, you do so till the bitter ______. (3)

30 To flatter someone to convince them or to get your own way is to sweet ______ them. (4)

32 A situation which is coming to fruition and about which there is much interest and activity, is ______ the boil. (2)

Food Idioms

In this course, I am going to spill the beans about food idioms, and I know my onions, I can tell you. There are a huge number of idioms that are related to food, and so I have decided to give them to you on a silver platter in the form of this course. Students have enough on their plates without having to read and memorise lists of vocabulary, which is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. This course will encourage you to not only learn and remember the idioms, but also to have fun with them. For, sure as eggs is eggs, having fun is a great aid to learning and remembering. Bon appetit!


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Chicken Idioms

Chickens have always been an important part of British life since the first were introduced to the island during the pre-Roman Iron Age. Romans made them more popular as a food source, particularly for egg production, after Claudius invaded Britain in the first century AD. Today, chickens are the most widespread livestock animal not only in the world but also in Britain. Because of their importance, there are several common idioms associated with chickens in English and we will look at them in detail in this lesson. The idioms include: flock together, come home to roost, pecking order, fly the coop, henpecked, and rule the roost.

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Food Idioms Crossword Puzzle 1

A crossword puzzle with 34 idiomatic expressions to do with food. Complete the idioms to complete the crossword puzzle. The answer words are: Bigger, Cake, Cat, Chaff, Cheese, Drinks, Eggshells, End, Face, Fall, Fed, Fig, For, Fry, Go, Gut, Ice, Kettle, Knuckle, Lettuce, Like, Lolly, Nest, Nutcase, Off, On, Oven, Peanuts, Pear, Pickle, Proof, Quiet, Run, Shoulder, Sky, Spill, Tea, Twisting, and Up.

Categories: Word Games | Crosswords | Vocabulary | Idioms

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