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Future 1 - GA12

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In the previous Grammar Activation Packs I have introduced you to the present and the past tenses, along with the simple, continuous, and perfect aspects. I also mentioned that English has only the two tenses, present and past. So where does this leave us when we want to talk about the future? Don’t worry, there are several ways that we can talk about the future, including using the present tense, which is what I am going to explain in this lesson. There are two aspects of the present tense that we can use to talk about the future. We can use the simple aspect which uses the auxiliary verb do. We can also use the continuous aspect, which uses the auxiliary verb be, and the ing form of a non-finite verb. To use the present simple or the present continuous to talk about the future, we usually use a future time indicator if we want to make it clear what time we are talking about. Future time indicators often use phrases with prepositions such as at, on, and in, along with expressions using next and this. This British English grammar is essential for all students of English and the many exercises in the pack will help you master it quickly and enjoyably.


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