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Vowel in Boat / əʊ /

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Activate the Vowel in Boat / əʊ / with this Pronunciation Activation Pack. In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at the seventh gliding vowel / əʊ /. We will look at the letter combinations that give the / əʊ / sound. We will look at lots of words which have the / əʊ / sound in them. Finally, we will activate your ability to hear and produce the / əʊ / sound correctly. Letter Combinations for / əʊ / - This gliding vowel sound has these letter combinations: O, OE, OW, OA, and OU, and rarely OUGH, and EAU. There are two other vowel sounds which cause confusion with the / əʊ / sound. These are the / ɔː / and the / ɒ / pure vowel sounds. I looked at the minimal pairs / ɔː / vs / əʊ / in Pronunciation Activation Pack 8 – the Vowel in Horse, so I will not cover it in this lesson. As I promised in Pronunciation Activation Pack 12 – the Vowel in Clock, I will look at the / ɒ / vs / əʊ / minimal pairs in this lesson.

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