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A Deadly Lesson - An English Murder Mystery

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Created using industry-leading e-learning software, English Mysteries are finding new ways to make learning interesting, engaging, and effective, through the gamification of the learning process. Interact with each character and ask questions to help you uncover their secrets and reveal the clues that will help you accuse the right character of the crime. To check that you understand everything you have been told by each character, you will have to pass a knowledge check before progressing to the next round. You will find important clues in each round which, if you pay careful attention, will help you understand each character’s motives for committing the crime. As you investigate the characters you will come to understand them and the little secrets they might rather keep hidden. You get hours of entertaining content including hundreds of carefully crafted images, numerous sound files, plenty of knowledge checks, a glossary to help you, numerous clues to consider and much, much more besides. With compelling story lines and interesting characters, English Mysteries help the student learn English by fully engaging them in each round of the game. To correctly solve the mystery, the player must understand what they are reading, hearing, and learning.


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