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Improve your vocabulary and sharpen your mind with our interactive crossword puzzles! Available on any device, these word games are perfect for students, homeschoolers, and anyone looking for an entertaining and brain-training exercise. Whether you're a student looking to expand your vocabulary or someone of advancing years looking for a fun way to pass the time, our crossword puzzles are a great way to improve your language skills. With every puzzle you complete, you'll see an increase in your vocabulary. Try them out today and see the difference in your vocabulary growth!


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A crossword puzzle with 34 idiomatic expressions to do with food. Complete the idioms to complete the crossword puzzle. The answer words are: Bigger, Cake, Cat, Chaff, Cheese, Drinks, Eggshells, End, Face, Fall, Fed, Fig, For, Fry, Go, Gut, Ice, Kettle, Knuckle, Lettuce, Like, Lolly, Nest, Nutcase, Off, On, Oven, Peanuts, Pear, Pickle, Proof, Quiet, Run, Shoulder, Sky, Spill, Tea, Twisting, and Up.


1 To have egg on your ______ is to be embarrassed or to look foolish in front of others. (4)

3 To pay someone ______ is to pay them very little money. (7)

6 When you get a taste ______ something, you really enjoy it and will strive to repeat the experience. (3)

7 To threaten to punch someone in the mouth with your fist is to threaten them with a ______ sandwich. (7)

9 A situation which is coming to fruition and about which there is much interest and activity, is ______ the boil. (2)

10 When you ______ nuts you become extremely emotionally agitated, angry, excited, or even mentally ill. (2)

12 If somebody has been helped too much to the detriment of their learning, understanding, self-reliance, and initiative, they have been spoon-______. (3)

13 A different ______ of fish is something which is completely different to that which you were talking about or considering. (6)

15 The big ______ is a person who is influential, important, the leader of a group, or the person in charge. (6)

19 A person who is behaving in a very unfriendly way or is very distant emotionally is being as cold as ______. (3)

20 A person who is as ______ as a lamb is extremely quiet, gentle, and laid-back. (5)

21 Someone who ______ like a fish consumes large amounts of alcohol without regard to the consequences. (6)

24 To speak or act extremely carefully or diplomatically, with great consideration for another person so as to avoid offence is to walk on ______. (9)

27 A ______ egg is money you put aside for your future as a form of savings, particularly for your retirement. (4)

28 The ______ of the pudding means that you can only know the true value of something by experiencing it or by trying it out. (5)

30 To ______ in the drink is to fall into the ocean or other body of water. (4)

33 Something which loses energy, slows down, becomes weaker, and eventually stops, has ______ out of steam. (3)

34 A ______ is a person who is mentally ill, or behaves in a way that normal people would not be expected to. (7)


1 The least important, least powerful, and least influential people in a group are the small ______. (3)

2 When you cannot satisfy two contradictory desires, we say that you can't have your ______ and eat it. (4)

3 To be in a ______ is to be in a difficult and challenging situation. (6)

4 To soup ______ is to increase the power or performance of something, through modifications, particularly when talking about machines. (2)

5 If somebody ignores you, makes it obvious they are disinterested in you, or snubs you socially, they are giving you the cold ______. (8)

6 If you are not in the least concerned about someone or something, you can say that you don't give a ______. (3)

8 Someone who eats ravenously, as if starving, and consumes large amounts of food, eats ______ a horse. (4)

11 To irritate someone to the point of anger is to cheese them ______. (3)

14 If you do or say something which makes an already bad situation worse, we say you are ______ the knife. (8)

15 A businessman who is ostentatious and visibly enjoys their wealth and privilege is disparagingly called a fat ______. (3)

16 If you stick with something until it is completed, however unpleasant or difficult it may be, you do so till the bitter ______. (3)

17 To disclose secret information, reveal the truth about something, or to ruin a surprise by announcing it prematurely, is to ______ the beans. (5)

18 When someone has more interesting or important things to be getting on with than that which they are currently engaged in, they can say they have ______ fish to fry. (6)

22 To separate the wheat from the ______ is to take that what is valuable from that which is valueless. (5)

23 A weak person with a weak personality who will never stand up for themselves is known as a wet ______. (7)

25 ______ is an informal term for money. (5)

26 A good idea which is unlikely to be realised is, like an impossible dream or an empty promise, pie in the ______. (3)

28 When something has gone ______-shaped, it has gone badly wrong and is probably going to fail. (4)

29 A woman who is pregnant is said to have a bun in the ______. (4)

31 A beer ______ is a large belly that some men have which is supposedly caused by drinking too much beer. (3)

32 Something which is not someone’s cup of ______ is something which they are not particularly interested in, or something which they would not enjoy being part of. (3)

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