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A crossword puzzle with 32 idiomatic expressions to do with food. Complete the idioms to complete the crossword puzzle with the following words: barrel, beefcake, bird, bolt, breakfast, buttering, china, cookie, dirt, done, eat, fig, fry, gas, goose, gut, ham, herring, hot, knuckle, laurels, lemon, melt, nice, nutter, pepper, pie, pod, potato, roost, slaughter, and something.


3 The least important, least powerful, and least influential people in a group are the small ______. (3)

4 Two people who share the same interests, beliefs, and even appearance, are said to be like two peas in a ______. (3)

7 To ham ______ up is to make it ridiculous by over-exaggeration, and is often applied to actors. (9)

9 A beer ______ is a large belly that some men have which is supposedly caused by drinking too much beer. (3)

10 A man who has an exceptional physique with highly defined musculature can be called a ______. (8)

13 When you ______ down your food, you are eating it very quickly and neither savouring nor enjoying it. (4)

15 A person who fails to see the danger they are in and thus lacks fear or concern for what is about to happen is like a lamb to the ______. (9)

16 When you have been shamed into admitting that you were wrong about something, and are humiliated, you're forced to eat ______. (4)

19 A person who is very shy, nervous in company, or particularly quiet, wouldn't say boo to a ______. (5)

20 Faced with competition, and in danger of losing your place at the top, you need to look to your ______. (7)

21 When something is very easy, takes very little effort, and is even pleasurable, it's as easy as ______. (3)

22 When you find yourself in a difficult situation and anticipate censure, you find yourself in ______ water. (3)

23 A person who behaves in a way that suggests that they have some mental health issues is described as a ______. (6)

25 We use a red ______ to divert attention from the real issue at hand by introducing a misleading clue or erroneous piece of information. (7)

26 Meat which is very tender, or food which is mouth-wateringly delicious, is said to ______ in your mouth. (4)


1 A tough ______ is a person who is very determined, brave, and confident, and who is not easily upset, or discouraged. (6)

2 To eat someone or something for ______ is to deal completely and easily with them or it. (9)

3 If you are not in the least concerned about someone or something, you can say that you don't give a ______. (3)

4 A hot ______ is a difficult problem or issue that nobody wants to deal with and which gets passed from one person to another. (6)

5 When food is cooked perfectly and could not conceivably be better we say that it is ______ to a T. (4)

6 Not for all the tea in ______ means not at any price nor by any means of persuasion. (5)

8 A person who is engagingly pleasant and friendly, especially when you felt that they wouldn't be, is as ______ as pie to you. (4)

9 When work is progressing rapidly, smoothly, and efficiently, we say that it is cooking on ______. (3)

10 Someone who eats sparingly or very little is said to eat like a ______. (4)

11 To threaten to punch someone in the mouth with your fist is to threaten them with a ______ sandwich. (7)

12 If you flatter someone, or are especially nice to them, with the aim of getting them to do what you want them to do, or to give their support to you, you are ______ them up. (9)

13 Anything that is ludicrously simple to do is like shooting fish in a ______. (6)

14 Something you buy which turns out to have defects, problems, or does not work well, is known as a ______. (5)

17 When you are compelled to face the consequences of something you have previously done, we say your chickens have come home to ______. (5)

18 To distribute many small things across something is to ______ it with the things. (6)

22 An actor who overacts to the point of ridiculousness through over-exaggeration is referred to as a ______ actor. (3)

24 To ______ in is to prepare your own food and eat it in the comfort of your own home rather than going out to a restaurant. (3)


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