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Interactive Britlish English International Phonetic Alphabet Chart

Click on any of the 44 symbols on the British English IPA chart below to find the lesson about that sound.

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This is the chart of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) showing the 44 sounds of British English. The chart is divided up into three sections. The red section at the top left shows the pure vowel sounds. The green section at the top right shows the gliding vowel sounds. The blue section at the bottom shows the consonant sounds.

tree insect woman food egg schwa bird horse ant sun art clock ear train pure bear toy eye boat owl pepper bubble tattoo duck chair jam key gun fan van thumb mother snake zoo ship genre nasals hat lamb ram wasp yellow

In each Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at one of the 44 sounds of British English. We will look at the letter combinations that give end sound. We will look at lots of words which have the sound in them. Finally, we will activate your ability to produce the sounds correctly.

Learn to speak with a British accent quickly and easily using the visual and audio aids in these lessons. As you work your way through this book you will quickly begin to notice aspects of British English pronunciation that will help you to better understand fast British English speech. You will also begin to reproduce the correct British English pronunciation. All of the pronunciation points are demonstrated by me using audio files so that you can listen and copy the pronunciation as you go. You can, and should, revisit the lessons regularly so that you can revise the content as you go. I am sure you want to improve your pronunciation and your understanding of fast spoken British English as quickly as possible, but I caution you against trying to rush things.

Some of these symbols in the IPA chart match the letters of the alphabet and have their usual English sound values. That is, the letter of the alphabet and the sound represented by the IPA symbol are always the same. This is only true of the following consonants: p, b, t, d, k, m, n, l, r, f, v, z, h, w The rest of the consonant letters of the alphabet have no set sound value: c, g, j, q, s, x, y Neither do the five vowel letters, which are: a, e, i, o, u The IPA allows us to write down the actual sound of the word.

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