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Britlish Library - 2 Travel Lessons

These days, travel is for many people part of their everyday lives. English-speaking countries have many visitors every year, but the ability to speak English in any country can help smooth the traveller's way. Whether you're buying an air ticket, booking a hotel, or just asking for directions in a foreign land, a good grasp of essential English expressions can save you a lot of time and frustration. These lessons have been created to provide you with some of the language you need for your travels.

2 Travel Lessons

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However you prefer to travel, be it by car, by plane, by bike, or simply walking, transport of some form is part of your life. If you don't know the vocabulary to use when travelling or deciding on which transport to use, you're going nowhere. This lesson will teach you much of the language you need to know to talk about transport. The lesson looks at canoes, boats, walking, horse riding, horse...

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In this English Activation Pack, we will be looking at the language you need when staying, or even working, in a hotel in an English-speaking country. If you travel abroad, you probably stay in hotels. To have a successful stay, you need to know how to reserve a room at the hotel, how to check-in and how to check out, and how to deal with any problems you may have while at the hotel. In this En...