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Britlish Library - 2 Level Tests Lessons

Exactly what it says - tests to check your current level of English. These lessons include standard level tests as well as tests which mimic recognised English exams such as IELTS and those from organisations such as Cambridge Assessment English, and Trinity.

2 Level Tests Lessons

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The Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) reading and use of English is a set of 7 questions from the full CPE exam for which students are given 90 minutes to complete the exam. I have created an example exam using the same format as in the CPE and you can do a full, reading and use of English exam timed for 90 minutes to help you get used to planning your time wisely in the actual exam. You can als...

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This 100-question test will give you a reasonable indication of your current level of English. Whatever your level, the Britlish Library lessons will help you to improve it quickly. How to Read Your Results Take the test and complete all 100 questions. Your score will reflect your level: 0 to 35&nbs...