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All of the most common irregular English verbs are here pronounced and spelt to help you master them. The verbs are: eat, awake, beat, become, begin, bend, beset, bet, bid, bite, bleed, blow, bear, buy, bind, breed, break, bring, build, burn, burst, bust, come, cast, catch, choose, clothe, cling, cost, creep, crossbreed, cut, deal, do, disprove, dive, drink, dream, draw, drive, dig, dwell, feed, fall, feel, fit, flee, fly, fling, forsake, fight, find, freeze, give, get, grow, grind, have, hear, hold, hew, hide, hit, hang, hurt, inbreed, inlay, keep, kneel, know, knit, lay, lie, lean, learn, lead, leave, lend, leap, let, light, lose, make, mean, meet, mow, pay, plead, prove, put, quit, run, ring, read, rid, ride, rise, say, sing, sink, sit, see, saw, send, set, sew, shave, shear, shed, shoe, shine, shake, shoot, show, shrink, shut, sleep, slay, slide, slit, sling, slink, smell, smite, sneak, sell, seek, sow, speed, spell, spend, spill, spit, split, spoil, speak, spring, spread, spin, stink, steal, stand, strew, stride, strive, strike, string, stick, sting, sublet, swim, sweat, swell, sweep, swear, swing, teach, think, throw, thrive, thrust, tell, take, tear, tread, be, wed, go, weep, wake, win, wear, wind, weave, write, and wring. Irregular English Verbs Activator

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