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Sounds Rude - Body Parts

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If you are easily offended by language that Sounds Rude, go no further. If you would like to learn the vocabulary which every native-born Englishman, or woman for that matter, is very familiar with, then I urge you to read on. Vocabulary is vocabulary and it all makes up the English language. The vocabulary in this English Activation Pack is the language that is not normally found in textbooks or discussed in the English classroom, yet it is an integral part of the language, and very likely to be regularly encountered in an English speaking country. In this English Activation Pack, we will be looking at the words we use to describe your private parts, or unmentionables, and all of the other parts of your body that you normally keep covered in public for fear of offending others.

I make no apology for the content of this lesson. To access it, you must complete a questionnaire to prove that you are an adult who is in no way offended by nudity, swearing, or rudeness. It is your choice to dive into the subject or not, and you will have had ample warning before you do immerse yourself in this important aspect of the English language. Sounds Rude - Body Parts

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