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Pronunciation Activation Pack 22 - / p / in Pepper

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Activate the consonant sound / p / in Pepper. In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at the first of the consonant sounds / p /. We will look at the letter combinations that give the / p / sound. We will look at lots of words which have the / p / sound in them. Finally, we will activate your ability to hear and produce the / p / sound correctly. The / p / sound is a plosive made by completely blocking the air flow and then releasing it explosively. The / p / sound on the chart is shown in blue, which means that it is unvoiced. Each of the unvoiced sounds on the first two rows of consonants make up a voiced and an unvoiced pair. The only difference between the unvoiced and voiced pairs is the use of the vocal cords while saying them. / p / / b /  There is normally no problem with spelling, as both / p / and / b / are always P, PP, and B, BB, though the silent letter P can cause confusion. The main problem for students is between minimal pairs which contain / p / or / b /. In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at a set of minimal pairs which differ only in the sounds / p / or / b /. In some words, the letter P appears but is not heard. We call this the silent letter P. The Silent Letter P comes before certain letters, the most common of which are N, S, T, and B. Pronunciation Activation Pack 22 - / p / in Pepper

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