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If you are a fan of my Video English Lessons, and they have helped you, you might like to sponsor my next one.

As a sponsor, your name will be shown in the video credits (unless you don't want it to - just tell me) and you will be helping me cover my production costs.

You can choose how much you would like to sponsor the next video for.

This is for private non-commercial sponsors only. Commercial sponsors should contact me directly.


Body Idioms

Sponsor a Video!

I have made so many video English lessons that I have lost count. It's certainly in the many hundreds, and all have been posted for students to use free of charge on YouTube.

There was a time when YouTube advertising made enough money to just about cover my production costs, but those days have sadly passed.

For this reason I am asking those who benefit from my work to contribute towards the production by sponsoring my next video.

This way, I hope to be able to continue to make my videos without interruption.

Sponsorship Listings:

Where there is more than one sponsor for my next video, the sponsors will be shown in descending order with the highest sponsorship amount at the top. Equal sponsorship amounts will be listed alphabetically.

If you want to sponsor a video, but do not want your name to appear in the video, please let me know. Let me know if you want a different name to appear in the video credits.

This is not for commercial sponsors but only for private individuals who enjoy and want to support my work. Commercial sponsors should contact me directly.

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My eComics are a fun and engaging way to improve your English.

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Improve your English by solving an exciting murder mystery.

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Master the IPA chart with my interactive PDF eBook.

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All about the British English IPA Chart for pronunciation.

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5WH Questions

All you need to know to ask questions in English.

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Private English Classes

As well as producing new video English lessons every week, and innovative English learning material, I spend most of my time teaching private students around the world using Skype and other technology. I have taught 8,537 online English classes by Skype to 191 students in 42 countries since 2006. If you would like to learn more about my private classes, you can book an Introductory Class today.

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