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Eratosthenes Challenge

I asked the OpenAI ChatGPT: “How did Eratosthenes calculate the size of the Earth and how accurate was he?”  I put what it said in this challenge. Watch the video and do the lesson that goes with this challenge, then you should know enough about Eratosthenes and how he measured the world over two thousand years ago to get a perfect score in this challenge.

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Ace Your CAE Vocab - Lesson

Today we're going to be discussing some key words, phrasal verbs, and fixed expressions that will be helpful for you in achieving a high mark in the CAE exam. These words and expressions are commonly used in formal writing and can help you sound more professional and confident in your writing. We will also go over the meaning of each word or expression, and I'll give you examples of how you can use them in a sentence. This way you can get a better understanding of how to use them in context.

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CAE Course Lesson Parts Exam Practice Vocabulary Spelling Phrasal Verbs English in Use

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The Full Stop - Punctuation for Students

The full stop or period is the most commonly used punctuation mark in English. The most common use of the full stop is to mark the end of declaratory sentences. It can also be placed after initial letters used to stand for a name, as in R.I. Chalmers, and also to mark the individual letters of some acronyms and abbreviations. While first introduced by Aristophanes of Byzantium in the third century, the full stop in its current position became popular from the ninth century onwards, and once movable type printing had become established, the full stop as we know it became the norm. It is not a difficult piece of punctuation to use, and is far easier to use than the comma. This lesson has a video that will tell you all about the full stop and how to use it, and a quiz to check your understanding of some of the vocabulary in the video.

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Writing Grammar English in Use

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Vowel in Clock / ɒ /

Activate the Vowel in Clock / ɒ / with this English Pronunciation Activation Pack. In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at the last of the pure vowels / ɒ /. We will look at the letter combinations that give the / ɒ / sound. We will look at lots of words which have the / ɒ / sound in them. Finally, we will activate your ability to hear and produce the / ɒ / sound correctly. Letter Combinations for / ɒ / - This short vowel sound has these letter combinations: O, A (following /w/), OU, OW, AU, and ACH. There are four other vowel sounds that cause confusion with the / ɒ / sound. I won’t be repeating minimal pairs in this Pronunciation Activation Pack. Instead, I’ll look at the / ɒ / vs / ɑː / minimal pairs. I will look at the / ɒ / vs / əʊ / minimal pairs when we look at the / əʊ / gliding vowel sound later in this course.

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IPA Chart Course Pronunciation IPA Symbols Speaking

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Orientation of Things

There are several fixed expressions using prepositions in English with which we talk about the orientation of things. If you have ever put on a jumper to find that the front is on your back and the back is on your front, or the inside is showing and the outside is hidden, then these expressions are important for you. In this lesson you will learn about inside out, back to front, upside down, the right way up, and the wrong way up. You will also learn the vocabulary: artist, button, conform, design, expose, fasten, hang on wall, point out, printed, rough, seam, smooth, and tailored.

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Vocabulary Grammar Phrasal Verbs Prepositions

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